[A][US] 8/11M Enh/Resto Sham LFG 2 Nights

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Hi all,

I'm an enh main/resto os shaman looking for a guild with similar progression that raids two nights a week, preferably 5-8 Pacific Time (can't do Fri-Sun). My last guild decided to take a break from raiding until BFA, so I am looking for a new home to continue pushing mythic.

I'm currently 975 equipped enhance and 973 equipped resto. Willing to transfer if it's a good fit. Was formerly on Sargeras.

Feel free to message me on here or add my battletag Ibaka#1396 if there's a potential spot.
Hey there!

<Almost Midnight>[US][A][Stormrage]
10/11M fri, sat 8-11 EST

We are looking for dps to continue M Argus prog and for BfA. Please add me on bnet and/or discord so we can chat!

Bnet: Jody#11864
Discord: @Jody#2629
Still looking
We raid 3 days a week sadly but you should still check us out :)

My guild is 9/11M and we have Aggramar down to 13% as of last night. The kill is coming soon. We are looking for a couple DPS and a healer to help round out our roster and to help with raid comp. After cutting edge our plan is to get everyone the kill and the mount, as well as the mount from Mythic Nighthold. I am sure we will find other stuff to keep us busy until B.F.A.

Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from around 7PM PST to 10PM Pacific (Server) time.

If you are at all interested in joining us, please feel free to add my battletag (Taalisman#1695) We would love to have you!!!

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