[CrossRP Neutral] Shadow Sands Bazaar

Moon Guard
Everyone loves to attend a good market; the chatter of eager merchants, giggles of playing children, the scent of fresh fruits and aged incense, the rumble of the crowd's footsteps...

But this isn't that market.

The Shadow Sands Bazaar is filled with exactly that: the bizarre, twisted, and the possibly illegal. It's a place where anyone can come to buy and sell the less savory, though still desired, goods, and yet welcome to other vendors as well.

Are you looking for a place that dances the line of legal and illegal in an exotic setting, then please come out and join us!

We would like to invite any and all merchants and entertainers to the Shadow Sands Bazaar for a monthly night of networking, trade, recruitment, and entertainment while away from the prying eyes of the Guard!

We encourage everyone to come, with or without a guild. Bring their guilds! Fly solo! Hold raffles! Recruit!

What: The Shadow Sands Bazaar
When: Last Saturday of every other month at 7pm Server time
Where: The Lost City of Tol'vir
Why: To bring together the shadier side of the Alliance and Horde RPing community.
Who: Any interested Merchants, Entertainers, Recruiters, or Shady Shoppers!

Any merchants, guild recruiters, and entertainers interested in joining us can contact: (Alliance) Mirrielyanna and Vaanna in game or join our Discord server!

The Discord server will be the best way of getting any updates on the Market including Vendors, Entertainers, Recruiters and more! A full list of Vendors, Recruiters, and Entertainers is available in neat lists within the Discord channels. If you would like to Vendor or Perform, please feel free to follow the link and come on in!

Looking forward to it.
I shall do my bestest to be in attendance!~
See you all Saturday!
Hope to make it with some guildies!
Tomorrow night everyone! So excited to see all of you!
Thank you to everyone that came out last month.

If any of you are entertainers, fortune tellers, or other vendors are interested we still have booths available!

Reminder! This Saturday May 26 is May's Shadowsands bazaar, reach out if you need information of join us in the discord!
Let's hope I can make it to this Month's event! :)
Hope to see everyone for a fun market!
See you all in an hour or so
Was there! Had fun! Highly recommended.
Hip check
This really is a great event! For those who aren't the "goody goody two shoes" and just like to sell and buy a bit more of the shady stuff, great! I know there's always vendors here and they're looking for more! You can even recruit!
We will see you October 27th friends!
Coming up October 27th!! See you there!
See you Saturday!

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