Which tank to choose?

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blood Dk seems real easy.
04/24/2018 10:18 AMPosted by Yorc
I did last weeks quest mythic quest on 5 toons with tank off spec. Easiest to hardest was.

1. DK
2. Pally
3. DH
4. Warrior
5. Druid (may have had iffy healer cause I had to spam iron fur like crazy)

DK was good enough to solo mythic Cathedral in mostly LFR gear.

I tried Mythic Cathedral on my Pally Tank and had issues on the last fight. Didn't know what I needed to do more, protect Illidan or kill the mobs, at the end of the second round of protecting Illidan the fight just ended. Tried twice and couldn't get it.

Any tips?

OP: Pally tank plows through it all, pretty easy, half decent dps. Demon hunter and Dk also very good tanks and lotsa self healing for soloing stuffs.
DH is the one most forgiving I think. I think Prot Pal is the most fun. And Brew Monk is horrible - which is why you see the pros doing Mythic+22 solo on DKs and DHs, but not Brews... (Brew can't heal, the others can heal more than a dedicated healer could).
WARRIOR coause we're the ones that everyone thinks of when you say 'tank'.
COOler anninimates and gear, better game recogition.
Ao armor up and get in the shieldwall!
Id recommend playing and learning blood. The spec is very unique in is ability as a tank and offers some of the most engaging moments any spec in the game will offer thanks to its ability to absorb magical debuffs, interupt mobs not normally interuptable with grips, and to stack mobs up to directly increase the dps of your group with gorefiends grip.
If you are interested, look me up on YouTube. I have over a thousand hours of blood dk play, guides, impressions, an unique moments. I try to help everyone interested in learning the spec whenever I can as well, especially during livestream.

If you need any help reach out.

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