So how's the Highlord Kruul challenge?

Think it's possible with my current gear? I don't have the legendary bracers, which I figure would help, and I probably won't get them for a while. So much to catch up on, i'm trying to concentrate on one thing, legion flying being at the top of my list.

Any improvements to my gear/talents? Reckon anything beyond that is all about practice and knowing the encounter.

Mage tower isn't up yet, but I think I can still start the challenge, the quest NPC is still in one of the banks in Dalaran.

I heard gripes about the Trial of Rage, that one was simple since nearly every attack was obvious and easy to avoid.
You technically can do it at your gear level, but you're gonna be in for a treat. The tank mage tower challenge is definitely the most difficult one, but it is still doable if you're willing to put in the effort. Definitely bring any and all consumables available to you, including things like drums. For talents, I recommend the following:

Impending Victory
Bounding Stride
Booming Voice
AM or Ravager

The hardest part imo is the first phase, so if you can blow that guy up quick by taking Avatar, Booming Voice and Ravager, you'll be in good shape, Warriors can spell-reflect one of the casts (I forget the name) in phase 2, making it trivial.

Also, Trial of Rage is incredibly easy - anyone who complained about its difficulty is honestly just bad.
Try get one more run of LFR in before you go. A few upgrades wouldn’t hurt and the 2pc T21 ser bonus is killer.

But yeah it’s doable, not easy, but doable. Even if you don’t get it this round a little practise is good.

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