11/11M Rogue/WW Monk LF Guild

Guild Recruitment
Looking for a 2-3 raid night a week guild. I prefer Tues - Thursday.

Your guild should be established, nothing new. Nothing "forming for BFA".

Leave me your battletag and I'll contact you!
hey dishonored#11140 u only looking for 11/11 mythic?
Hi yassz,

We are moving to Turalyon on Thursday and we are looking for core raiders to go with us. We are already benefiting from a more active and skilled user base, and I'd like to add your name to that list, so here is my spam:

Reign is recruiting motivated and skilled players to join our core group in order to be able to push Mythic Antorus efficiently and effectively. We are a progression raiding guild that has the goal of not only completing the current and future tiers, but to be able to do it at a competitive rate on condensed 2 day schedule.

We are active outside of designated raid times with several members who like to push M+ keys and have cultivated a guild dynamic that is tight-knit with a friendly atmosphere which has resulted in friendships inside and outside the game.

If you are interested in being a part of a friendly competitive team, please contact one of the officers below and one of us will get in touch with you as soon as we can! I am also available all day on discord (Fiolated#9828).

Faction: Horde
Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday 8:30-11:30CST with an optional Monday
Current Progression: 6/11M 11/11H Antorus
Website: http://www.tastethereignbow.com
    Fiolated(Council/Recruitment): shinks50#1291
    Smiles/Smileage(GM/Raid Lead/Dad): lettuceflow#1132

Needs: Great dps with a penchant for mechanics, a Holy pally, and a resto druid. All dps classes/specs will be considered.
Hey! Selfishly I hope my reply finds that you're still looking for a guild. Everything you wrote in your post seems to line up with exactly what we can offer you. We’ve been an established gaming community for over 4 years. I've been browsing through these forums looking for a good rogue with your kind of experience. I think you'd make a great addition to our 7/11 Mythic progression team! We raid a Tues - Thurs 8pm to 11pm EST. You can contact me at PhantixTV#1385 or Phantix#8896 on Discord.

I really look forward to hearing from you!
<Nevermind> is a 2-day raiding guild formed on Tichondrius-US with the intent of progressing content faster than your above-average 3-day guild. Our core roster started off with extremely competent 7/9M and 8/9M players strung together from multiple guilds. We came together at the very end of ToS, and we cleared 7/9M in 2 hours on our first week (Nov. 7, 2017) and progressed KJ to 29% in the remaining 2 weeks. Our plan was to ultimately start fresh as a new guild with Antorus, the Burning Throne.

Current ABT Progress: 10/11M

Raid Times:
Sunday > 6PM to 10PM (Pacific)
Monday > 6PM to 10PM (Pacific)
Times extended by unanimous vote.

Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/314574/

Feasts and Flasks provided.

Our goals as a guild are to push ourselves to be more competitive than most of the 3-day guilds in the U.S. To ensure that this goal is met and that we maintain steady progression as a guild, core slots will be competitive, meaning poor performance will earn a spot on the bench, and another player will have their chance to prove themselves. This also means that, while on the bench, you should be keeping up with encounters that we as a guild are and have been progressing so that when your opportunity comes, you are ready to show that you deserve a core slot. After bosses are put on farm, benched core players and trials will be given the opportunity to step in.

On top of maintaining competitive integrity, we also want to preserve an environment where all of our players interact outside of raid. Basically, this means that we are also looking for the types of players that do more than just log on for raid, whether it be inside or outside of WoW.

Holy/Disc/Shadow Priest
MM Hunter
WW Monk
Havoc DH
Fury Warrior

If you have an interest in joining our guild or have questions regarding it, feel free to contact us via the tools below.


Hey there! I'm Daniika, the recruitment lead for <Astral> on Turalyon (Alliance). We raid 3 days a week, for 3 hours a day; 9 hours total. We're currently 11/11M AtBT.

I'll post our generic guild spam below:



11/11M AtBT

- Tuesday: 9pm - 12pm EST
- Wednesday: 9pm - 12pm EST
- Thursday: 9pm - 12pm EST

About Us:
<Astral> @ US-Turalyon (Alliance) is recruiting for our mythic progression core. We are an eclectic group of passionate individuals who value our time and progression. Our founding members are comprised of long-time hardcore raiders who have been playing together since TBC. They have a bevy of notable accomplishments which include numerous US top 10 kills and achievements. We have since settled into a more relaxed 3-night raid schedule but maintain our former hardcore mentality especially regarding personal responsibility/awareness, efficiency, and preparation.

What We Offer:
- A stable roster and constructive raid environment
- Leadership with years of progression-oriented hardcore experience
- Guild repairs for mains and alts
- Enchants, flasks, pots, food, gems, and other materials as necessary
- Alt raids and Mythic+ Groups
- Optional off-night events with friends & family; Many of us play other games together.

Our Expectations:
- High attendance
- Intimate knowledge of your class, spec, and role
- Passionate, mature attitude and willingness to take/give constructive criticism
- Willingness to work collaboratively and promote a culture of continuous self-improvement

To Apply, Visit: www.astralguild.com

Recruit Lead: Daniika (Daniika#1445)
Officers: Terra (Terra#1216), Unsu (Unsu#1515), Malv (Malv#11394)
03/15/2018 11:28 PMPosted by Swiver
Severity is a semi- hardcore progression guild on the US-Mal’ganis server. Our guild is comprised of members from US-Turalyon, real life friends and in game friends/raiders collected from various other servers. Progression is difficult on low population servers which prompted our move to the US-Mal’ganis server.

Our raid times are settled on

  • Tuesday 8pm-12am CST (9pm-1am EST/6pm-10pm PST)
  • Wednesday 8pm-12am CST (9pm-1am EST/6pm-10pm PST)

  • We are 9/11M with Aggramar in sight. Currently, our raid is lacking a couple of key classes/players to finish Antorus more comfortably, so our raid needs are as follows –

  • Any high performing melee and ranged dps.

  • Our raid team’s goal is to achieve Cutting Edge each tier starting with Antorus and continuing through Battle for Azeroth. We love to have a good time, but expect focus, commitment and performance during progression.

    What You Can Expect From Us

  • First and foremost, a transparent guild. This means transparency with how loot is distributed, what gold and mats in the guild bank are used for, decisions during raid, etc.
  • Raid provided materials. We offer guild repairs for progression bosses (farm, you will pay your own repair bills as they should be minimal), Vantus Runes, feasts and flasks. You are expected to provide your own runes via the reusable Lightforged Rune or with your own Defiled Augment Runes.
  • Honest feedback and constructive criticism. We are not that guild who will sit you without explanation, who won’t give you a chance to reclaim your spot if you’ve been sat, etc.
  • Good times. We run high M+ keys, alt raids, achievement runs, sell M+ runs, etc. There is almost always something to do in the evenings/late night.
  • What We Expect From You

  • 90% Attendance. This means you may miss one raid per month on our schedule.
  • Raid Ready. This means have your tomes for changing talents as needed, having gems and enchants in your bag ready so you can get gear taken care of as soon as you receive it in raid, etc.
  • Thick skin. As stated, we’re very honest and give constructive criticism after reviewing logs and performance. We expect you to be able to improve on your weaknesses as needed. We also love to give each other a hard time, take jabs at each other and just have a good time. If you are someone that takes the little things personally, you probably won’t last here.
  • Do your research. If you come into a boss flying blind, this means you were not prepared for raid. Questions are always welcome, but you should have a general idea of the fight beforehand.
  • Realism and understanding. We do not recruit for bench, however, to field a 20-man roster, understand we rotate very frequently to get people the bosses they need loot from or if we need their class to more easily handle mechanics on a certain fight. We bench as little as possible, but with real life, there must be one. If you want a full-time spot, you earn it, but ideally, we’re all here for progression and everyone should be willing to do their part.
  • If you have any questions or are interested in a trial with us, please contact any of the officers via battle tags below.

    Swiver, Recruitment Officer

    Grav, Guild Master
    Always looking for any exceptional DPS

    Name: <Wrong>
    Faction: Horde
    Server: Tichondrius
    Progression: 11/11M ABT 9/9M Tomb
    Raid Days: Wednesday/ Thursday
    Raid Times: 6pm - 10pm PST(Server Time)

    Send me a MSG via Discord PM @ sgmx#0801 , or add me on real id Deism#1427
    Vindicatum.com - 11/11M (T21) US 62 | US 31 (T20) | US 37 (T19) | US 50 (T18) | Icecrown Alliance
    NO Split runs
    NO Alts required
    NO Extended raid times
    NO Additional raid days

    Needs (ALL CORE SPOTS)
    • Fury/Arms Warrior
    • WW Monk
    • Frost/UH DK
    • MULTI-CLASS Tank
    • Any and all players with exceptional logs are 100% in consideration

    3-days a week - 10.5hrs (EST)
    Sun - 8pm - 12:15am EST
    Mon - 9pm - 12:15am EST
    Wed - 9pm - 12:15am EST

    Recruiter: Lup#11167 | GM: Arrow#1690 | Website: http://vindicatum.com | Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/icecrown/Vindicatum
    Vindicatum Highlights

    Friendly and mature environment. We are an adult oriented guild with a member base comprised of college students and working professionals. Drama/raging is not tolerated and mutual respect is expected from everyone.

    A long term guild with history behind it. Our guild has maintained a strong raid team since late 2006 with consistent leadership and low member turnover. We are more than just a guild, we are a community.

    We raid 3 nights a week, 10.5 hours per week. We never go over the above listed times. Once the tier is cleared, you can expect to raid dramatically less, many times 1 day a week.

    Progression based loot council system. We are committed to a system that is both ethical and equitable while helping us to achieve our goals. No DKP counting or fighting guild members in bid wars.

    We love and encourage alts! Optional alt raids scheduled on off nights with strong leadership.

    Off night shenanigans. Alt Raids, Old Raids, Mythic+, PvP, Transmog runs, etc.. are always happening at all times of the day.

    Past achievements
    • ABT - US 62
    • ToS - US 31
    • NH - US 37 (World 8th Speed, World 6th Execution)
    • ToV - US 38
    • EN - US 46
    • HFC - US 55 (Multiple TOP 10 world HFC speed and execution ranks.)
    • BRF - US 116
    • SOO - US 45 (10m)
    • US ~200 Ra-Den and US ~245 Heroic Lei Shen
    • World ~75th Kil’Jaedan/Muru
    • World ~100 kills from SSC to Sunwell (all pre-nerf)
    • World ~100 Naxxramas Immortal
    • Realm first Obsidian Slayer/Magic Seeker/Conqueror of Naxxramas
    Hello Friend,
    Going to try and keep this nice and short.

    Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

    6/11M Antorus

    8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

    Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you =)

    Our goal as a guild for Antorus is Cutting edge Mythic.

    Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ

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