[H] Kiljaeden -- 5/11Mythic NEEDS RANGE/HEALS

Guild Recruitment
5/11 Mythic <Climax>
Raid times : 10PM - 1AM (Central)

What we expect? Attendance is a must. We need to know if you are reliable to make it to raids. (Exception to real-life issues of course) Are you willing to raid part-time? full-time?

Loot system? RC Loot Counsel is the add-on we use to distribute loot.

Mythic requirements 960+/+75 traits

We're looking for the following...


Druid -- Part-time
Priest -- Part-time
Monk -- Open
Paladin -- Locked
Shaman -- Part-time

Range Spec/DPS

Warlock -- Locked
Mage -- Locked
Druid -- Open
Hunter -- Locked
Priest -- Locked
Shaman -- Locked

Melee Spec/DPS
**Currently Locked**

Questions? Comments? Concerns?
Contact HR Manager: EarlSwtshirt#1572 (Battlenet)
Still need Boomy / MW MONK

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