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Guild Recruitment
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<Currently Online>
US - Sargeras | Alliance
US - Illidan | Horde

Recruiting raiders for all difficulties, and social/casual players of all levels!

What We Offer:

The largest and most active World of Warcraft guild in the world, with 10,000 members across 11 guilds (6 Alliance, 5 Horde), we offer a huge slate of activities to our players, both in WoW and out...


  • 5/11M ABT, 7/9 M TOS, 7/10 M NH, 2/3 M ToV, and 7/7 M EN Progression
  • 13 Raid Teams - ranging from Casual to Mythic Progression
  • See the teams and their needs on our website: http://currentlyonline.gg/raiding


  • 4 RBG Teams
  • Countless members always looking for BGs and arenas!
  • Learn more about our PvP offerings on our website: http://currentlyonline.gg/rbgs

    For Socials:

  • Always active guild chat - 6 guilds linked with the add-on Greenwall on Alliance and 5 guilds on Horde.
  • In-game activities and competitions: XMog Contests, PvP Events, Mythic+ Spams, Achievement Runs, Alt Raids, Yolo BGs, and more!
  • Bi-Weekly In-Game Lottery!
  • New Member Orientations! Come make some new friends!
  • Room for advancement as an officer.
  • Out of WoW:

  • Private Gaming Servers such as Minecraft, 7DaystoDie and ARK
  • Destiny 2 Clan
  • Steam Group
  • FFXIV Company
  • Rust Clan
  • Always active Discord w/ thousands of users
  • __________________________________________________________________

    To Join:
    If you find yourself on Sargeras Alliance or Illidan Horde, simply "/who Currently Online" and ask for an invite! If you're not on one of our realms yet, let us know on our website and we'll keep your seat warm!


    Contact Us:

    You can contact us by Btag, or email as listed below.



    Email us at:



    We hope to see everyone in game!
    Always LF More!
    You won’t find a better WoW community anywhere else!
    Currently Online does so many fun things! One of them is seed raids!
    Come have fun again!! :D
    Join us and have a blast mates!
    Has everyone in your guild stopped playing, but you are still going strong?

    Do you log in everyday to find the guild full of members that haven’t been seen in weeks or even months?

    Do you feel like WoW has become a solo player game?

    If you answered yes to any of these, then I recommend checking us out. Currently Online is the largest and most active guild in the world, and we make sure to purge inactive members on a regular basis so our guild doesn’t fill up with un-played alts or mains that never log in. Our staff members work very diligently to create and run events that cater to everyone. From transmog and alt runs, to cutting edge mythic raiding, and PvP/RBG teams, we have something for everyone.
    Come join us! We host so many events and have many raid and rbg teams to choose from. Join Currently Online today!
    Good Morning! Come on and join us for all the fun!
    We currently have weekly Normal Antorus runs open to all members, so if you are a new or returning player and want to get raid experience in a friendly environment, this is the place to be!
    Come and give the guild a try. So many people to hang out and talk to in-game and on our discord. Come check us out :3
    Looking to down some bosses while having breakfast? Check out our newest team, Coffee & Donuts every Weds & Thurs 9am - 12pm CST. Check them or our other teams out at: https://currentlyonline.gg/raiding
    With weekly open raids, specialty events, and pvp groups, Currently Online offers a wide range of events that are sure to help you find enjoyment in the game again!
    Come join us! We host so many events and have many raid and rbg teams to choose from. Join Currently Online today!
    Still looking for more friends!
    Come join one of our many RBG/raid teams!
    Come hangout and see what kind of fabulous in-game events we have! If you are looking for a fun place to meet new people, Currently Online is the place for you!
    Leveling, Mythics, Raiding, or PvP your thing? We got them all! Have a look at https://currentlyonline.gg to see everything that we offer. Happy Gaming my friends :)
    Come one, come all, join us and partake in the fun! BfA is only around the corner!
    With the expansion winding down (only 4 MONTHS!) do you log in to an empty guild? You won't find that here! We always have things to do!

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