A-H Server-Wide Event: All Out War!

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Hey guys, Ellwynbrooke here - your local Kaldorei RP enthusiast and Resto Druid PvP junkie!

I bring up those two things for a reason. I have an idea, and this will be a difficult idea to pull off... but with help and cooperation, I think it'll be able to work and be something fun for everyone.

With Battle for Azeroth coming out, the faction war will be at an all time high. With that, I want to do something that is probably one of the hardest events to do: a server-wide, both factions, RPPvP event.

I know what you're thinking: these types of events NEVER work! I too have seen my fair share of RPPvP events go downhill and every other direction possible. But here's the thing you guys: essentially blacklisting these types of events will never give it room for improvement.

Now in no way, shape, or form is this event planned or set in stone. This post is basically an interest survey just so I can get a rough estimation of who would be interested in participating and who would be willing to help out. (Because whew, I'm gonna need a lot of help!) I will also be putting my own personal Btag down below, so for those who just wanna add me to give recommendations once in a while, or for people who want to say something negative (please don't do it on this post) so we can come to somewhat of an understanding.

So here's what I need!

If you think your guild would be possibly interested in participating in this event, please place the following information in a post below:

Guild Name:
RP, PvP, or Both?:
Contact Info: (The GM or someone in charge would be preferrable.)


If you want to help out with this event, which will be suuuper needed, please place the following information down below:

Main Character Name:
What You'd Be Interested in Helping With: (I will have a list after this. Please place the NUMBER that is associated with what you want.)
Contact Info: (Btag, email, etc. I don't want to have to chase you down.)

For those who want to help out, here's what I need.

1) Those who will be willing to reach out to Horde and Alliance guilds if they want to join in or have questions. (You will essentially be a "moderator" so things don't get so overwhelming.)
2) Those who excel at lore so I don't miss a beat with the storyline behind this.
3) Rule-makers. (This event will have A LOT of rules so we can keep everything running smoothly. I might miss a few so any and all recommendations are welcome!)
4) Organizers. (Essentially keeping a list of which guilds are a "maybe" or a "definitely" with participating. Will be adding onto this list with other aspects in the future.)


Feel free to message me over Btag, or in game! (I am usually on Ellwynbrooke - Alliance side, or Leyliss - Horde side.) And my Btag is: Eden#1609 & my Discord is Ellwynbrooke#1175.
There has been a Discord server made for this event! It will be absolutely crucial to use this since it'll be the source for all of the planning and updates.

Please message me on Discord: Ellwynbrooke#1175 for the link.
(Please state if you are a GM, volunteer, or guild member to [insert guild here].)
I'd love to participate! I'd definitely be willing to assist in the planning.

Character name: Shadesinger
Faction: Horde
Contact: (Bnet: Legoturbo59#1202)
What I'd like to help with: Pretty much anything.

Along with that, maybe the cult could play some sort of role in the event given that we are worshippers of the Old Gods and the chaos of the Void.
I actually had an idea mapped out for a Battle for Tirisfal Glades. Was looking for additional writers, but I had to postpone everything for health reasons. I'm so glad to see someone taking an initiative with this.

Guilds from The Mead Hall and Some of the PvP and Forsaken groups held interest when I initially asked around so you might want to check with them. :)

Main Character Name: Talynnda
Faction: Horde
What You'd Be Interested in Helping With: I enjoy brainstorming ideas with others. Also like setting up battle maps and scenarios.
Contact Info: Blackdahlia#11597
Guild Name: The Vol'kar Legion
Faction: Horde
RP, PvP, or Both?: Both
Contact Info: Buliss, for now.

I've had my fair share on numerous realms. I am warily dipping my big toe into this pond. I could be proven wrong on some of my reservations, though.
Guild Name: Clan Drakehammer
Faction: Alliance
RP, PvP, or Both?: Both
Contact Info: Kirsey, Drakehammer or Ramrath
Guild Name: The Old Guard
Faction: Alliance
RP, PvP, or Both?: Both
Contact Info: Maralyth or Strongbow

We're small but this is our kind of thing! We may be able to help with one organizing or light moderation.
Support bump from a fantastically average warrior. It's nice 2 see some RP-PvP attempts -- hopefully the campaign goes well and there's some great slaying. ^^!
Guild Name: The Legion of the Dawn

Faction: Alliance

RP, PVP or Both?: Both.

Contact info: Raseri ingame, EvilSpaceEmperor#0910 over Discord, SpaceEmperor#1939 over btag.

Echoing Buliss on this one. We've got many years of RP-PVP experience between us, and gonna hesitantly dip my toes in the pond to see where this can go.
Guild Name: Wings of Kalimdor
Faction: Alliance
RP, PvP, or Both?: Both
Contact Info: Braxis#1671 Bnet.

Main Character Name: Naelir
Faction: Alliance
What You'd Be Interested in Helping With: Willing to help with planning, set up, and all that fun fun not boring stuff. I know I probably don't have a choice but I can at least fill this out so it looks like I volunteered. SendHelpBeingHeldHostage
Contact Info: Braxis#1671 Bnet.

If you are a Volunteer or a Guild Leader who has posted their sign up. Please feel free to contact me on Discord. Braxis#1782 to get into the Discord we are hoping to use to plan this event.
03/28/2018 08:49 PMPosted by Naelir
If you are a Volunteer or a Guild Leader who has posted their sign up. Please feel free to contact me on Discord. Braxis#1782 to get into the Discord we are hoping to use to plan this event.

Sent a friend request.
Bump! Still looking for volunteers. Come and join us, we don’t bite!
Guild Name: House Firavel
Faction: Horde
RP, PvP, or Both?: Both
Contact Info: Lord Firavel#1251

Main Character Name: Feloirus
Faction: Horde
What You'd Be Interested in Helping With: 1, 2, 3, 4. (I've organized these in the past on MG. It's nice to see someone trying it on Wyrmrest)
Contact Info: As above
I'm definitely interested in helping. I was hoping to plan some smaller scale RP-PVP events for the Agents anyway. I'll talk to the others and see if they'd like to participate as a guild.

For me:

Main Character Name: Loviattar
Faction: Horde
What You'd be Interested in Helping With: I can help with whatever is needed. I'd like to see and help with the logistics to get more experience setting up these kind of events.
Contact info: Saryrn#11956
this seems like a really cool idea o: gl with it! :D
Guild Name: Picks and Pints
Faction: Alliance
RP, PvP, or Both?: RP Primarily, may be interested in some PVP that isn't focused on large scale combat.
Contact Info: Discord Username: DisgruntledLemming#3167
Halflan, Bhelmyr, Aventon or Ungila ingame.
Guild Name: <Agents of Suramar>
Faction: Horde
RP, PvP, or Both?: More on the RP side, looking to participate in more PVP/RP-PVP
Contact Info: Myself, Discord: Greejess#7654
Second page of the forums? I think not!
Always looking for more volunteers and guilds that wish to partake in the planning of this!
Hi, I'm Anyaka Silverblade. I have an RP-PvP problem. I can help with 1 and 2, and I have RP-PvP enabled toons on both sides of the faction.

But mostly I really, really want to involved with this one.

Since I've been alt-hopping a lot lately, your best shot is my battletag. Hadeed#1128.

Come to me for all your grumpy old Silverwing who lives in Warsong Gulch needs.

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