[A] Midcore Guild seeking Members

Are you interested in joining a fun, friendly, and welcoming community that is dedicated to helping our members realize their potential and break their limits? Whether you enjoy casual PvE, M+/raiding, PvP, or even assisting members with trade skills - there is a spot in <Limit Break> for you!

Who we are

The founding members of <Limit Break> are long time MMO friends that have returned to WoW after spending several years playing FFXIV. During our time with FFXIV we forged bonds while tackling the hardest progression content available, and realized we all have limits that can be broken. This realization has inspired us to create a community designed to see its members flourish and genuinely play the game the way they desire.

What we offer

Our main goal is to provide a place for you to enjoy Heroic raiding, push M+ keystones, or do what ever it is you like in WoW! If you seek a strictly casual experience, our Discord community is the perfect place to relax and have a few laughs with other like-minded individuals.

We are currently seeking

At this time our raid team has 1-2 DPS spots open as we finish out Antorus. However, we are currently looking for social non raiders to fill out our roster for Mythic+ and Battlegrounds. If you want to raid casually we try and keep a couple spots open for casual raiders to join us. We also do a couple social events a month as a guild that are not endgame oriented.

If you are looking to apply for our remaining core raid spot we are currently seeking:

  • Warlock (Any Spec)
  • Shadow Priest
  • Feral Druid
  • Elemental/Enhancement Shaman
  • Havoc Demon Hunter
  • Mage (Any Spec)
  • Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 6pm PDT to 9pm PDT. We are currently 7/11 H

    SIGN ME UP!!

    If you are interested or have any questions about who we are or what we can offer feel free to contact us on battle.net: Aya#11373 (Guild Leader), Bojangles#1513 (Officer), & LawdHammercy#1575 (Officer)

    We look forward to hearing from you soon!
    Updating Information: In regards to raids we have decided to raid two nights a week starting at 6:00pm PDT (server). We will run until 9:00pm PDT.

    Currently we are running a poll for our guildies to decide the two days. \
    Update #2

    We have finalized raid days. Doing Tuesdays and Thursday 6pm to 9pm server time (PDT). Already smashed normal and looking to start heroic soon.
    Update #3

    Added that we are seeking social non raiders to fill our ranks as well as what specs we are seeking for our final raid spots.

    Also updated with our progress (4/11 H)
    Are you still looking for social players? I am in the hunt of an active guild due to mine sort of dying off. If you see this feel free to reply or message me.
    BattleTag: VorenShadow#1352
    Sorry for the late reply I have not checked this often, we indeed are will send you a message when I can
    Hi, I'm a non raider social player looking as well. I would need to transfer and I'll look for you.
    Feel free to add me on Battle.net so we can talk but we would be more then happy to have you.

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