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Very experienced player LF serious raiding guild. I have the follow toons available
965 Frost/Blood DK
950 Afflic Lock
940 Guardian Druid
940 Monk

I am comfortable with playing on any character needed. Preferably looking to play a tank for BFA such as Prot pally. I'm very flexible with my raid schedule and can make almost anything work.

Plz add my btag Party#1147

<Dream> is a guild of returning players and good friends located on US-Illidan. Our raid times are Mon-Tues-Wed from 9pm CST to Midnight.

We'd like to speak with you if these times fit with your schedule, or of course you can always visit out website at


And apply there!

My bnet is:
Platypai#1527 (Sent you a friend request!)

Looking forward to hearing from you!
<Untimely Demise> Horde on Bloodhoof
Raid nights Friday from 9pm-12 eastern and Sunday from 9pm-11pm eastern
We need a dps with a good tank offspec.
We are 10/11H and are full of very experienced past mythic raiders who have been playing since vanilla and others who have been playing since WOTLK. We are looking to do a little bit of mythic when we get enough people. Add my btag or message me on discord if interested.
Battlenet: Jetmax#1690
Discord: Maxdadruid#3673
<Use Your Imagination> is currently recruiting core spots to push Mythic Antorus and beyond. We are a semi-hardcore two day guild currently in need of one Brewmaster Monk, Blood DK or Guardian Druid (DPS/Heal offspec a bonus but not required). Current prog is 7/11M Antorus. We are located on Zul'jin Horde, raiding Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 PM to 11:30 PM EST (server time). If you are interested, please add Absynnian#1531, Kellerwing#1024 or AliasNode#1351 to Battle Tag. We look forward to hearing from you!
Hey there, Partyzone! We are looking for many roles to fill out our roster, including tank!

[H]<Blood Forged> - Thrall Weeknight 2-day EST

About Us:
Blood Forged is a relatively new guild on the Thrall server consisting of experienced players. Founded by friends that have been raiding together for 4+ years, <Blood Forged>'s goal is achieve AoTC every raid tier, while offering a fun and stress free raiding environment. We are a mature (18+) guild that likes to run Mythic Plus keys, Arenas and Battlegrounds, and other various content. We also have community events where players are encourage to participate in! We love to joke around, but we also take raiding seriously.

Currently Recruiting:
We are still forming our raid team and many spots available!

Healers - Resto Shaman, Mistweaver Monk, Holy Paladin
Ranged - MM/BM Hunter, Affliction/Demo Warlock, Elemental Shaman, Shadow Priest

Although any class and spec combinations are welcome!

Raid Times:
Tuesday at 9:30p EST to 12a
Thursday at 9:30p EST to 12a

About the Raid:
Discord required
Loot Council Add-on required
Deadly Boss Mods (BigWigs) required

Contact Information:
If you can do weekends, I know a tank spot just opened up in Impure on Turalyon. They are 6/11M and they raid 6pm-9pm EST Saturday and Sunday.

Check out if we fit your schedule!<Virtually Impossible> Horde on area 52!

What we looking for:
Active, community driven, social type folks. Friendly, talkative, and good-humored. Sassyness is a plus! As we are an adult oriented environment, we are looking for people who aren't offended easily. ;)
TLDR: Fun, laid back, social folks!

Need to know for Raiders:
Casual/Hardcore raid environment.
Raid Days/Times are
Mythic Tues and Wed from 12-3am server time(Eastern).
Heroic (new team)
Thursday & Friday 12-3 server time (eastern)

Progression is 9/9H ToS and 11/11H, 5/11M Antorus.
Required 3rd party items - Discord and RC Loot Council.

If interested please reach out to me @
Aradne#11285 :)
Thanks for reading and see you in-game!
Short Version: LFM for a newer Mythic Raid Team w/7/11M lead. Currently have a solid raid roster that needs a few holes filled. 2 night schedule(3rd day possible). Recruiting for current tier and BFA. Guild provides feasts and cauldrons for raid.

Currently: 5/11M

Obligatory spam link:


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