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Looking for a normal/heroic raiding guild. Just coming back to the game and want to get back into raiding as a tank. I haven't done any raids as guardian yet but I have heroic progression experience from raiding in MoP, WoD, and a few bosses in legion.

My preferred raid times would be evenings Monday thru Thursday, lasting no longer than 11pm est.

Reply here or thru Bnet (Joebear#1502)
Im willing to switch to horde but only for a well established guild
Update**** We are recruiting individuals who are attempting to clear heroic content prior to expansions end. We can do CROSS SERVER - NO NEED TO XFER!!!

Hey, let’s face it - We want to raid but life is full of surprises. <All Natural> (A) is a guild that understands the surprises in life. Kids wake up, wife/husband is mad, you have work - we get it. At <All Natural> we are flexible and can work around some “surprises”!

Who are we?

We are a new guild recruiting for Antorus progression and setting up for our progression through BfA. The guild was started by a group of friends that took raiding seriously (we are currently 11/11N and 8/11H), but understood that real life issues come first. We all have kids and jobs that are stressful, but priorities nonetheless. With the start of this guild, we are continuing our seriousness of raid and raid progression, but we are trying to better prepare for those surprises.

Who are you?

Ideally, you are a player that is interested in raiding. Chances are you have children or outside responsibilities that could interfere with attendance. We get it. It is only natural. With recruiting you, we are taking the chance that you are someone that can be present for most raids and provide us with some consistency that good raid progression guilds need.

Who are we recruiting?

Currently recruiting all classes and roles.

Raid times?

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday - 10pm to 12 am EST.

We do not care if you are cross server!!!

We are located on Elune/Gilneas. Please contact me via forum or my battletag - Coach#12180


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