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Horde 909 Shadow Priest looking for a nice casual guild. Looking to do dungeons, LFR, questing, being social, and even some casual raiding. Maybe even some RP if people still do that.

Just got back from a 2 month break. Just getting ready for BFA and having a little fun.

Can send me in game mail or post on here if interested.
<Prophets> is recruiting! We are an Alliance, semi-casual raid guild located on the Elune/Gilneas sister servers.

Raid Times: 10pm-12am EST, Thursday, Sunday, and Monday

PvP Day: 10pm on Fridays

Who we are recruiting:

1 melee dps (tank OS pref.)
Ranged dps
Non-Druid Healer(s)

Contact me in-game or through Bnet: Coach#12180


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