Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearance

Prot Warrior hidden artifact skin still dropping???
Read all the tablets at order hall, check
prot spec and loot spec, check.
exalted with rep, check.
AK70, check.
Been camping entrance for nearly a month now, check every day no emote, check physically anyways and run script always comes up with false.
Am I missing something? help
I'm at 2 months and nothing yet. This is beyond stupid.
sigh.......this makes me sad
eeeerrrrrr.......make a post and then it drops for you.......super happy
Making a post then so that it might appear, i'm at several months as well on two prot warriors.
The RNG on the drop is !@#$ty.

For what it's worth, if you unlock a color tint for another hidden appearance you can use that color tint for your other hidden appearances, even if you don't have the base unlocked for your other specs.
I finally got my yesterday so it is not bugged. It is just random af.
It can also spawn in Neltharion's Lair. Got mine in a random heroic a couple weeks ago.

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