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First off Harro! I'm Active Duty Air Force(Weapons/MTI) and schedule always subject to change. I've been playing WoW since Vanilla and have played both Horde and Alliance. Started as an OG Warrior/Tank and helped open up the gates of AQ back in the days before deploying and then coming back to BC and didn't want the tank responsibilities anymore so swapped to Rogue. Raided Rogue+ Alts through Wrath at which point I swapped to raiding as Shaman heals+ Alts for guild progression. Cataclysm came out and got tired of the heals life so went Enhance/Ele and have pretty much been playing that as my main since. Pandora was off and on and I played through Warlords but life got in the way as it sometimes does so hung it up for a year but with the war drums calling for Battle for Azeroth I just cant stay away anymore. I'm finishing up the SHAMBAM to 110(currently 108) for 1st hand experience of Lore and then have 2x 110 auto level tokens and a 100 auto level to utilize for immediate go time of my Alts(errything). Plan on leveling an Ally VDH as soon as the Sham caps so I cant start prepping for all race unlocks when BFA goes live but Honestly I'm just looking for a place to call HOME so I can start to get to know some confident, competent, and committed players/raiders and can return to the grind for the remainder of Legions content and then go for broke when BFA hits.

1. Times available & time zone: Evenings Mon-Friday, In Texas so Central mainly. Left Coast Guilds go past my Bedtime.
2. Server preference: Yes
3. Faction preference: If I have to pick a favorite I'm Horde
4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-Cascore
5. Current progression/experience: Said ding for the first time in a year+ 2 days ago
6. Recent logs (if available): **currently grinding trash**
7. Contact info: I'll reply here for now, thanks! ;)
8. Anything else: Ammo Sucks!
I'm a sucker for Military players as my oldest son is in the Navy. I understand how hard it can be in playing what you love and trying to balance it out with your military career. We would love to have you join us. Please read further and if you are interested don't hesitate to contact me:


We are Dark Order an Alliance Guild on Duskwood seeking dependable people to fill some core raiding spots. We are still currently raiding and will do so in BFA!

We are a guild that prides ourselves on being a family that likes to have fun in all things. We are not hardcore just a progressive guild. We are not a guild looking to bulk our ranks we are a guild looking for quality players with quality personalities who are of the same mindset as we are.

If you want to learn more about Dark Order here is our advertisement:

Feel free to add me to your Battlenet (which would be the best way in case I am on an alt).

Yesabella – Poohbear41#1912 or email me at

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