Blood BK LF weekend guild

Guild Recruitment
Hi there!

I'm a blood dk looking to join a weekend raiding guild.

1. Times available & time zone:
- Currently residing in PST. Would prefer late afternoon to evening raid start times but that is not a hard requirement.

2. Server preference:
- Most of my toons are on Proudmoore but I would be happy to xfer should everything work out.

3. Faction preference:
- Alliance

4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual:
- Semi-hardcore - hardcore

5. Current progression/experience:
- My current raid experience is 11/11H 5/11M (as a prot pally, rip our 19% wipe on mythic imo)

6. Recent logs (if available):
- N/A

7. Contact info:
- bnet me: Tumstums#1804

8. Anything else:
- I'm happy to share more info about whatever, tried to keep this post brief.

<murlocs> @ Mal'ganis [H] is openly recruiting for BFA.

We are a newly formed NYC based guild with monthly meetups IRL. We're aiming to bring back guild community passions that seem lost years ago. Our main goal is Building a Community > Progression

Feel free to reach out to me (ev0#1934) for an invite or more info!

Guild Website:
Progression Raid times: Tues-Thurs 8:15-11:15pm EST
Casual (farm) Off-Tier: Weds/Thurs 8:15-11:15pm EST
[A]<Combat Reflexes>
Raid times:
8pm-11pm PST
9pm-12am MST
10pm-1am CST
11pm-2am EST

[A]<Combat Reflexes> is a newly formed guild with skilled players. We're looking for people serious about progression. That being said, we are also open to casual players who want to participate in a mature, drama free setting. We are currently seeking raiders interested in Heroic Antorus progression into Mythic. GM and Co-GM are both 11/11 Heroic. Currently looking for all classes. If you are a returning player, we are also planning to develop a Mythic+ team and Normal Antorus team to gear up as quickly as possible. We have a Discord that provides social entertainment for any adult wishing to participate in our humor outside of raiding. Please note, all team roles are not filled yet. If you're interested, please add my Bnet tag:

Thanks for considering us :)
Ill keep this short, if you want to speak move privately about our guild my battletag is Lionsnot#1682
Hey we raid sat-sun 7-10est
Currently 11/11 heroic and progressing into mythic this weekend.
We just formed last week and are looking for core players

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