The Celestial Coalition

Moon Guard
Deep within the forest of Ashenvale there is an eerie silence. A Priestess, slowly tied missives to Hawk Owls, the sigil of Dor’Serrar clearly seen upon them. She watches as they take flight and closed her orbs to speak a soft prayer that each missive reached her allies. Priestess Astahra Moonwhisper stood outside Forest Song in Ashenvale, where she would stay until her allies arrived.
When the missives arrive, the message is clear:

To my allies, things are growing dire in the south.
The lifeblood is being sought by both Alliance and Horde forces.
I fear the growing tension on our homeland will lead to a faction war.
Skirmishes have already taken place,
Once again war is upon us. We can feel the tensions growing.
I have called upon the Sisterhood and the Cenarion Circle to help us hold the line.
Chaos is coming,
Together we are stronger.
I ask you to join me and form The Celestial Coalition together.
Kaldorei, Worgen, Human, and anyone wiling to fight for Kalimdor
We must all come together to hold the line.

Within the last year or so, the Kaldorei roleplaying community has experienced a substantial influx of returning players and new players that are active, laid back and are more interested in building and strengthening the community then imaginary personal gain, empty titles and high school popularity contests. With the Battle for Azeroth expansion approaching, it is our hope and our drive to move into a more inclusive vision of the Kaldorei roleplaying community with our focus on expanding roleplay experiences to our elven cousins and allied brethren, developing characters/organizations, and building on the positive roleplay momentum being generated for the Kaldorei and elven RP communities. We welcome all races and respect the sovereignty of their cultural narratives. We hope you’ll consider joining us on this adventure. Welcome to the Celestial Coalition.

In the aftermath of Antorus, the people of Azeroth are left reeling from their losses on both Azeroth and Argus. With the Legion defeated, the people have set their aspirations to a new period for their societies, one of unity and revitalization. A time to heal, for Azeroth’s sake, if nothing else.

Independent individuals and Orders from all across Azeroth have agreed to band together in order for themselves and their people to survive. They cling to the tentative hope that the Wound in Silithus can somehow be healed and work to find that solution; reaching out to the healers of the world for help.

The feeling of the calm before a storm permeates the entire planet as the Horde’s interest in the Silithus area is discovered. Their interest in the lifeblood of the planet is both disturbing and disheartening as the Kaldorei working from the shadows with a select human contingent are among the first to discover that the fight is not over, not by a long shot.

The combined forces of all races from all walks of life are stationed among their respective bases in Feralas and other surrounding territories; ready to stand together and support each other. The Celestial Coalition knows that regardless of the threats looming in the distance and the unknown question of the planet’s survival, they will face this fate together. They will do what must be done in order to ensure Azeroth has a future.

Next event is 05/18 and 05/19 at 8pm server, a cultural Kaldorei event.

For a discord invite contact Isarith in game or on discord Katbear#0803
Meeting on 4/20? I'll bring the salad.
I love salad! <3
I'll bring the beef.
Mhmm burgers
Potluck on Friday, boys! BYOB.
Please remove MotA from the coalition.
The TCA is going to be a multi-guild project. Each Order will have a say. We're striving to be free of the issues plaguing other projects. We want to work together with those who have proven they care about healing the RP community on MG and are open to ideas. We can't wait to kick this off with you all, we have a great group of people so far and we're super excited to be a part of something positive. <3
Looking forward to being involved in anyway possible with the dreamwalkers and beyond!
Eager to see more coming from this.
You all are worth coming out of the woods for. Bright times ahead! <3
It has been really refreshing to see all the positivity coming from this group so far. It's nice to have a group of people working together to facilitate rp and actually mean what they say. You all are so amazing and I am looking forward to the Holiday event coming up and the kick off the Dreamwalker rp!
A great group of people!
Blood and Honor Campaign

IC Background

Nearly a month after the flames rose from Teldrassil, the Kaldorei of Kalimdor have been splintered both in terms of their forces and morale. Left to their own tasks of preservation, Kaldorei Orders have grown increasingly isolated and reclusive.

One such order, the Shanari, led by the Moon Priestess Sereneia Wintermoon has had their home island of Athalien attacked unrelentingly by Horde forces. After their final battle to push the Horde off their homeland, the Shanari ascertained information that would serve to influence the motives of the other Kaldorei orders on Kalimdor.

Calling upon the Celestial Coalition to come together in an attempt to resist the Horde onslaught, the separated orders must join forces again to protect all that they and their people hold dearly.

OOC Background

The Celestial Coalition is hosting the Blood and Honor Campaign going into BfA! The Coalition will cover the threat of the Horde within Kalimdor and how it pertains to the Kaldorei and their society. Though the bulk of the campaign is combat-oriented, many events will be left to elaborate on more personalized matters of the Kaldorei and their culture.

The campaign intends to have events twice a month for the Coalition at times and dates agreed upon utilizing the discord server for the Coalition. Although these two events a month serve as a basis for the campaign, individual guilds and groups are encouraged to host their own events for the Coalition of their own respective guilds to build immersion for the campaign.

The campaign events are based for the Coalition solely, however, if individuals wish to attend that have the prospect of joining the Coalition through these events, they may do so. If you'd like to attend, feel free to let myself or a member of the Coalition know!
Blood and Honor Campaign

Due to some scheduling errors, this event has been moved to this coming Saturday, September 1st at 8 server! Feel free to message me in game if you have any questions!
Really enjoy being part of this group.
This is a lovely group! Te'Amun is looking forward to working with you all in the future. <3
This is a fantastic community!
We are still up and kicking! Always looking for more friends to join the Celestial Coalition!

Events this Week

Call to Balance: Celestial Call Event
November 16, 2018: 8 Server

The Dreamwalkers of the Celestial Coalition will be leading an expedition to investigate areas of Kalimdor afflicted Azerite outbursts, as well as handling the elementals in which were birthed of Azerite.

Anyone may attend this! Open to the public!

Forged in Moonlight: Dor'serrar
November 17, 2018: 8 Server

The Celestial Coalition ventures to Stonetalon Mountains to aid Dor'serrar against the Horde aggression!

Join us! Our discord link is

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