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Hi guys,

I am not sure what to do with the ability "shared suffering" when the Attunemen boss casts it during my mythic+ 16 run earlier (lower Karazhan). Some people tell me to stack with tank while others say don't.

If I were to stack with the tank, I am assuming ill use an immunity to avoid damage. However what if the ability gets cast again? Do I just avoid stacking the second time, or just avoid completely?
It's called SHARED suffering.
Depends. A good tank can solo soak shared suffering. Communication is a hell of a drug
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It's called SHARED suffering.

It is called Shared but not everyone shares!
It depends on how your tank is equipped and what level keystone you're doing. I want to guess on 16 Tyranical it probably hits for maybe 25 million? Maybe 30? It's pretty nasty to soak as a group, but a tank with the Aggramar trinket (Smoldering Titanguard) makes it a giant joke. I pop Vampiric Blood + that trinket for the first one, and then literally everything in my spellbook but the trinket for the second one, and that allows me to solo soak them all.
Ask the tank how he wants to handle it, make sure everyone is on the same page in advance.

It does a boatload of shadow damage (like 30M+ on high keys) which is shared between everyone who takes the hit. Your options are;

1. The tank solos the hit; this is so much easier, but the tank will only be able to do this a certain number of times depending on their cooldowns. I can comfortably handle four on my Pally, not really sure about other tanks.

2. The tank soaks with the help of another toon with spell immunity (rogue, pally, etc.) as this will halve the damage that the tank takes

3. The whole group stacks and splits the damage. This is by far the scariest as there are other dangerous things happening in that phase (the charge, the mortal strike) and it's very easy to wipe the group if someone misses the shared hit. Try to plan cooldown usage so that you never have to do this. To be honest, on a high key I'd rather intentionally tank suicide + brez rather than deal with a full group soak, it's that nasty.
If the tank times it correctly and uses mobility (pally horse, warrior leap ect) at the second before its cast, he will
Miss the tank and nobody will have to deal with it
Our normal solution, "pally tank," on high level tyrannical is she solo tanks one with bubble, "she has bubble taunt talented," i soak the next one with her with turtle, and if there is a third one either another person immunes it, "our group comp changes sometimes," or she blows all cooldowns and we're ready to ress her if need be.

Not hard.

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If the tank times it correctly and uses mobility (pally horse, warrior leap ect) at the second before its cast, he will
Miss the tank and nobody will have to deal with it

That's risky. If you're going to do this make sure you communicate where the tank is running. They run to early and they can drag suffering onto others.
I just run away (torpedo or transcendence) to avoid the hit. This can be sketchy cause sometimes when he swings and doesn't hit anything he'll swing again. DPS gotta be careful and basically back off, raid marker on my head so they don't get cleaved.

Some friends of mine would do a strat where the pally healer would taunt him and then the warrior would taunt back, essentially so that he'd swing in mid air (they would be far away from each other, so the boss would be running in between them).

Ultimately you gotta decide what you're doing, but most of the time you don't stack with the tank since it will kill you on high tyrannical keys.
It’s quite easy to solo on a warrior tank. You must use spell reflect for the magic damage mitigation along with another good CD (shield wall, demo shout + last stand) and some Ignore Pain.

Spell reflect is 40% reduction so that turns a 25mil hit into a 15 mil hit and then you need to shave another 5-7mil off it.

At some point the key is so high that you will get one shot but I’ve done it on 15 tyrannical before and you could definitely go higher.

The aggramar trinket is also OP, and there’s other trinkets that are useful too (legendary one for instance).

If you share it the sharers need to use defensive CDs too. A full group of 5 can probably get away without using any but you won’t usually get 5 in there, someone is always in Africa!
I've never had to share it, as I run the ring for Huntsman. Rune Tap + Vampiric Blood with a preemptive Death Strike is enough. I save AMS and IBF as backups if VP isn't back up in time for any following shared sufferings.

Not sure if thats plausible on super high keys (I only pug, so i stick to 15's), but as my healthpool barely goes down I imagine I can soak it on keys that are higher.

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