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Guild Recruitment
New to the game anyone want to show me the ropes or take me under there wing
Feeling left out, current/former guild to big or new to the game.

Check this out...

Hey there, Krypted Gaming is seeking out returning players to get back into the groove and make up for some lost time in Legion. Since most of us are returning, we'll be clearing the content we missed (Tomb of Sargares & Antorus) using our boosted characters, with a little help from Argus gear.

We're a gaming community primarily known from EVE Online, but we're starting a new World of Warcraft branch for the upcoming expansion. We had around 8 guys buy BfA last night.

Shoot me a BNET request and we can chat: Porowns#1472
<Power Raiders> is a tight-knit guild of like-minded raiders. We are currently 11/11 H and looking to expand our ranks to jump into Mythic Antorus, and continue to be cutting edge in BFA! We strive to have two things within our guild, Progression and Community in unison. We will not sacrifice one for the other.we are currently 11/11(H)

About us: Many of our core have years of experience and either came back from hiatus or had real life aggro that caused us to switch up our raid schedules. Our voice chat program is discord. We are actively trying to fill our roster to continue pushing for CE.

Requirements to join: We simply ask that you have a decent understanding of the class you’re going to play, and that you are willing and able to listen and to learn.

Our Raid Times:
Tuesday/Wednesday 8-11 PM EST
Thursday 8-12 PM EST

Recruitment Needs
TANK: open
Healer: open
MDPS: open
RDPS: open

If you have any questions, feel free to add and message either me or the Guild Leader.

we are used to new players and would love to have you with us teach you the ropes of the game and eventually have you join us during raids.
Hey man!! I would be willing to help ya out if you like. DrFillerino#1153 is my btag.
Hey we are Reborn from Ashes -Khaz Modan, We are a casual guild with a raiding habit, currently 8 of 11 heroic in AtBT. Raid times are 6:30 to 8:30 EST Tuesday and Thursday from now until June. Starting in June we will be taking a break from scheduled raiding to allow people a break before the expansion drops. During the break we will still be raiding, running dungeons and chasing achievements together for fun. Bring or level what you want to play and have fun with us.
We also run mythics, daily Hs and events with each other on all our alts. 5 of us have about 4 - 10 110s lol. so we stay busy helping each other & having fun.

Most our Guild we have been playing together since 2013. We are all good friends and we love bringing more into the fold to have fun. there are also alot of husband and wife couples in our guild. we are family oriented and understand when real life take priority over wow. I hope to hear from you in game. My Battle ID is Alugard#1879 if you want to send me an in game whisper.

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