<Intent> Late Night 9/11M Guild

Guild Recruitment
Hello! Intent is a late night Mythic raiding guild on Alliance Proudmoore.

We are working on Mythic Agg with a 4% pull and will be moving onto Argus and will be continuing to raid mythic in BFA. Currently recruiting all Roles/Class/specs Core spots are competitive and immediate raid spots are available.
We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs 10pm-1am PST

feel free to add my Btag if you're interested or have questions!
We're cool! :D
We're still painfully close on Aggramar and excited for Argus - join us and YOU could be there for both kills!
Its true we are.
Would you guys like some help from a 11/11M player? I main a Blood DK, in saying that if you want the help I can come on my rogue 970 ilvl and give you guys an advantage on Argus having someone who’s done the fight on multiple classes, if you are interest in the help, and if you need more I’m 100% certain id be able to get more dps to come help ya! Cam#12894 if interested.

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