[RP Resource] Herb and Alchemy Guide

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This guide is now pinned in the Modan Co Discord as an optional RP resource! Keep up the great work. :)
This is an astounding amount of creative genius and its combined with effort.
This guide comes across with a graceful sense of style and a fantastical immersion that gives depths to more than the herbs themselves but the world and cultures that surround them. Greaves lent a great and many nights and unrested mornings to build a project that painted the usage of the herbs better than the game could and added depth to the world itself.

I'm really proud of Greaves for this accomplishment, I will be proudly using this in the near future and with every time I do, I will be sure to have this bookmarked to lend to everyone else This is an incredible gesture of creative kindness for having shared it publicly for free use.

And, sorry but this is very necessary for the post I am making::
If only I could litter this with flower emojis. :^)
*Bows with the utmost respect!* Holy cow! The amount of work that must have taken you and friends! Good on you fam! Thanks for the effort and the excellent resource!!
When people are asked what they love about wow that keeps them playing 10 years later, and they respond "the community" I think this is an example of what they are talking about.
hey guys, thank you so much for all your continuing support for this project! (and that adorable picture, huaj. I smile every time I see it). your compliments, support, and requests mean the world to me.

I've added five new herbs in two new entries, most of them poisonous. people have requested more poisons and kaldorei herbs, so I'll likely be working on the latter next. I've also added a "parasitic" tag in the properties section, a "caves" tag in the climate section, and some sub-regions for Kalimdor, the Eastern Kingdoms, and other places in the regions section (such as Khaz Modan, Lordaeron, Central Kalimdor, Argus, etc). I'll continue checking this thread, and updating it when I post new things!
hey all!

as a quick update, my guild will be selling a TRP3 version of the herb guide at this year's tournament of ages!

after TOA, expect some updates to the tumblr! cant wait to write about those BfA herbs.
update! at long last, I've finished all the major herbs from BFA. the guide is updated, I hope y'all enjoy what I've written! the herbs this expansion were really beautiful and had fascinating lore; I hope I did them justice.

your continued support is so very meaningful - thank you guys so very much for all the love you've shown for this project. I'll likely be writing about some of the minor BFA herbs here soon. :)
This guide is really impressive. It's available as an in-game TRP Extended item, too, which you can get from them at markets.
This guide is absolutely magnificent! I'll be sure to link it to many of the discords I am in! The work you have put into this guide is nothing short of amazing!

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