[H] <Pull and Pray> 9/11M LFM

Guild Recruitment
<Pull and Pray> is tied for the second highest ranked mythic raiding guild on the connected realms of Runetotem and Uther (Central Time Zone realms), medium - low population. We are actively recruiting exceptional players to push our progression to the next level, with cutting edge as the goal! Our guild has a very mature (as in, NSFW) social setting. If you don't like dank memes or cringe-worthy jokes / references, this guild isn't for you.

Raid Times: Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday 9:00 - 11:00 CDT

- I know, you may be asking why we only do 2 hours a night. We believe that raiders play at their best for a 2 hour window, and after that get burnt out. We make the most of our 2 hours and we play hard. While we do always put real life first, and understand things come up which are unexpected, we are looking for a little more attendance consistency than what we currently have. We do Friday night Heroic runs (9-12 CDT) and have a drunk raid night once a month (we make a drinking game out of it).

Progression: 9/11 Mythic

- We have had a few obstacles in progression, but have kept our operation close to our chest and have ironed through some issues. We're on a hot streak right now, killing Imonar, Kingaroth, Varimathras and Coven all within the last 12 raiding nights. We are discussing doing one more re-clear of mythic (for more mythic tier) before sticking it out on aggramar. We currently run Personal Loot on all raids but have been discussing a LootCouncil on mythic tier bosses if we re-clear in the future.


-We encourage all exceptional players interested in our guild to apply regardless of our priority list. Ranged preferred.

Ranged DPS (importance)
- Mage (High)
- Warlock (High)
- Shadow Priest (High)
- Hunter (Medium)

Melee DPS (importance)
- Rogue (High)
- Death Knight (High)
- Demon Hunter (Medium)
- Feral Druid (Medium)
- Enh Shaman (Low)

- Resto Druid (High)
- Resto Shaman (High)
- Disc Priest (High)
- MW Monk (Low)

Tanks (Looking for Offtank / 3rd Tank)
- Blood DK (High)
- BM Monk (High)
- Prot Warrior (Medium)
- Demon Hunter (Low)

We are looking for recruits to make immediate contributions to the team. We will bring in our best 20 man composition regardless of seniority in the guild.

Contact us
Londore#1351 (Guild Master and Raid Leader)
Wampas#1304 (Recruiting Officer)
BDan#11880 (Co - GM)
This guild makes me feel <3ed
Thanks <3
Top notch guild IMO
Name: Petsy

Faction: Alliance

Server: Stormrage

Preferred Specialization: Protection

Current Mythic Progression: 5/11

Current Mythic + Progression: 3676

Preferred Raid times: Afternoon, Evening, or Late Evening.

Contact: Petsy#1502 or Discord (Petsy#5529)

Raider.io: https://raider.io/characters/us/stormrage/Petsy

Warcraft logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/stormrage/petsy

More Info: I can raid any day. Would prefer only tanking. No off tanking of any kind. I can take harsh criticism and suggestions but I'm mostly mimicking advise from warcraftlogs. I'm willing to change servers/factions after a trial/stream. Willing to do keys with other members that want to progress in Mythic Plus Dungeons. I'm also willing to help any starter guilds or participate in off raid events. I'm very Free on Friday and Saturday!

Strengths: I have played prot warrior since Cataclysm. I'm up-to-date on information from class hall discords. Fast-Learner. Loud. Can smash the hell out of ignore pain :)

Weaknesses: I work weekdays from 12pm-7pm
Updated Class Priorities!
Updated progression !
get in while the getting is good :)
hi friends
50% on aggramar

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