Is Blizzard ok with Pay to win guild runs

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05/01/2018 05:23 AMPosted by Doomgard

ill let you in on a little secret.... its all meaningless pixels on your screen

what he and I meant is that its meaningless even in the context of playing the game

part of the reason for giving you the gear reward is to allow you to take on greater challenges (which sometimes reward better gear...stupid TF system)

if you're not actually going to play anything challenging with this gear then what is the in-game point of this gear ? to sit there in dalaran and admire its pixels without actually using it ?

Well that and if you didn't earn it, it becomes even more meaningless. Gear can be a status symbol. I played back in Vanilla where non raiders looked like hobo's. If you had the blue UBRS "set," you were the cool kid on the block, but raiders were walking gods. Wearing gear you didn't earn is just lying to yourself and others.
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Hey All,

I can absolutely see why people would be against this, however for me it is such a great convenience. Let me explain.

I enjoy alts, but I don't enjoy catch up before I can participate in game content, bring in heroic runs. I can go to work all day as a mature aged (31) player, get home, think I would love to play a shaman one day. Boost ($60), Heroic Payed Run (400kish gold), and bam im 890+ so i can do LFRs and work my way to to running normal antorus etc. (i mostly enjoy raiding). This saves me what, 5-6 days played or running the same content i have run for the last 10+ years and have no interest in. Costs me about an hour of my RL work time and I can spend my spare time actually having fun instead of feeling like working a second job.

I think as the player base matures this will become more appealing as an option, and while I don't think it should end up being even CLOSE to a pay 2 win game (i.e. mythic / high end content should have a huge barrier for this type of system) i think it does have a place somewhere. I don't think I would still be playing this xpac if I couldn't do this with alts.

Just my 2 cents, happy to accept flame over this :)

... which, while allowed -- is technicaly cheating. (act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game or examination.)

The dishonest part - easy, you didn't actually earn those levels, or that gear, or that gold using the mechanics built into the game. You instead subverted it via a cheat mechnism that allows you to skip all the hard work of getting those levels (or that gold) and then subsequently pay someone to play your game for you (carrying you).

I don't see how this is not cheating, simply because Blizzard added a mechanism that can be exploited in such a way for their real world financial gain at the expense of actual players.

Regarding selling gold "because it's better than 3rd party doing it" - is a crock. It is safer, sure, but only because blizz won't ban you for buying gold from them. As for the economy, the gold sold by 3rd party isn't generated by them instantly - it was farmed. This means (whether or not its a computer doing the work), there was an account made, with a character than did all the dirty work to earn that gold, usually over multiple characters over a set period of time.

Blizzard, literally injects that gold into the game anytime someone pops up a token for sale. The difference is that 3rd party can't impact the economy as harshly or as instantaniously as Blizzard can.

Compare :

- generates instant gold
- boosts professions instantly
- boosts a characters level to max instantly
- remove access to old items so only some people have it, thus dramatically inflating it's value
- make certain items or profession abilities available to everyone, and thus dramatically lowing the items affected value (enchanting mats, old dungeon/raid drops, legendary cloak, etc)
- removal of spells / alteration of abilities giving one or more classes specific advantages over all other classes.

3rd party
- grinds for gold to sell
- grinds profession skill points by buying mats for a specific strategy of recipes for that profession to max it out.
- grinds characters through levels, the long way.


The original claim (for those who forget, but beared the torch during those witch-hunt days), is that 3rd party sites affect the economy. I see that this method is much more destructive on the economy than 3rd party could ever be.
@ the infidel. Sorry I'm confused as to how it is acting dishonestly or unfairly? Could you clarify?
05/02/2018 02:27 AMPosted by Grumpsey
@ the infidel. Sorry I'm confused as to how it is acting dishonestly or unfairly? Could you clarify?

The outline is pretty clean. Read again. I am not going to give a single specific example so you can be like -- naw, thats blah blah blah ...

There are muliple simultaneous reasons, and most are identified above. Cheating is not just the player doing stuff, but blizzard is participating in the encouragement to cheat to their profitable advantage. Read the lists above thoroughly, and remember that Blizzard and the community here alike, both agreed those things were 'cheating' and 'bad for the game' on so many occassions, and even several law suits.
TheInfidel, you're so full of crap it's amusing.

The gold isn't magically generated. When you sell a token, you get the gold when someone buys your token. Typically, this is less than what was actually payed, because the price rises steadily.

Someone buying a token isn't cheating or breaking any rules, it's paying blizzard money. That trumps all other things here and renders your point moot. Like so many other things in game, it's all fine unless it costs blizzard money. Then they take action. 3rd party sites, sure "affecting the economy" was listed, but the reason was people were paying them money for in game crap.

So rather than fight gold sellers, which will never be perfect, blizzard just sold their own. Less people get screwed, blizzard makes more money, and we dont have to pay $ for game time.

Finally, the guy never necessarily said he buys a token to pay for a carry, just that he pays 400k. Regardless, what YOU do with your gold, in game, is your business alone.

Take your tin foil, moral high ground crap and go spew it in the Classic Forum

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