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Hello my beautiful people!

<Human Resources - Bleeding Hollow> A guild full of mythic raiders from expansions past is forming for BFA. A majority of our raiders have cleared heroic, and we are looking to formulate a team. Raid times are Tues/Sun 8:30-11:00 EST. We are looking for DPS primarily, but will take any spec under consideration.

We know how taxing the mythic grind can be, but we are trying to make a fun environment of it! We are currently gearing up our old raiders and re-clearing H Antorus. This is the perfect time to join us on a character you wanted to reroll to for BFA, or if you want to join a fun guild that clears content, that's us.

The guild is active in weekly +15 keys, normal Antorus runs, pvp, and we do not mind helping you get rolling! Also, a large amount of us play games outside of WoW, and we would love to play them with you! (PubG, Fortnite, Overwatch, Hearthstone)

Happy Hunting ^.^

Shoot me a PM - Gingeryeezus#1391 or Iamjustdoug#1928
Sign me up!!!!!!

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