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Hi all,

A new Battle for Azeroth dungeon – Kings' Rest - is now available for testing on the Beta. This dungeon is only available on Mythic difficulty. In this thread, we'd like to gather as much of your feedback as possible regarding the new dungeon, once you've had a chance to run it.

Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated, including topics like:

  • The overall flow of the dungeon
  • Visuals, including creatures and environment
  • Boss encounters and their mechanics
  • Overall difficulty
  • Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered
  • Any other general thoughts about the dungeon

Trash Event after Golden Serpent appears to have bugged out. Shadow Zul came in turned what I think is the trash purple then nothing happens with the door is still locked.
Overall flow of the dungeon: I think this dungeon feels great as far as layout is concerned. After the first boss you get a nice shortcut that leads to the second boss, which will really help in situations where you might wipe there, because the walk back would be quite long. The lower portion of the dungeon has a great layout as well.

Visuals, including creatures and environment: Pretty much every enemy in this dungeon feels at place. Lots of undead troll type enemies, raptors, and troll-esque constructs that feel like they're guarding the place.

Boss encounters and their mechanics: The first boss requires a significant amount of AoE damage or crowd control to keep the Animated Gold adds from getting out of control, as each cast of Lucre's Call will have more and more of them spawning. My primary worry for this dungeon in Mythic Plus will be that you will NEED some heavy AoE ranged damage classes with AoE crowd control, like Balance Druid or Destruction Warlock. There isn't enough time to multi-DoT these adds as they travel quickly, and their number gets out of hand quite quickly. The Spit Gold DoT also feels like it does quite a bit of damage, perhaps a bit undergeared, but as a warlock with Demon Skin, I was easily falling to about half hp at 320 ilvl to the DoT alone. The pools that drop also seem to tick almost instantly, which is very punishing if you aren't already moving as the DoT is about to expire. This encounter felt difficult, even with a Beast Master Hunter, a Destruction Warlock, a Brewmaster Monk, and a Restoration Druid all bringing quite good crowd control effects. Perhaps look at the travel speed of the adds or the number of additional adds that spawn on each Lucre's Call.

The second boss of the dungeon feels quite fine. His mechanics are simple to deal with and don't do life threatening damage. I quite like the idea of the Dessication debuff making the Entomb phase more hectic for the healer and the debuffed target. Overall, pretty good fight, mobility is very nice here to traverse the room, as it is quite large.

The third boss of the dungeon also feels fine. For my group, the totems melted incredibly fast and didn't even feel dangerous at all. Within 3 globals or so, the most dangerous totem (Explosive) was already killed, so it doesn't feel particularly punishing. As a warlock, I was able to eat Barrel Through with only one other person soaking with Demon Skin talented, so perhaps the reduced damage per target soaking could be looked at. The last phase gets particularly rough when Aka'ali reappears and casts his charge at the group, as you must maneuver around the Whirling Axes into a position to soak the charge. The fight was easy, so I think the biggest way to make this fight more dangerous is to increase the charge damage so at least 3 people must soak it.

The last boss of this dungeon is the hard hitter. His mechanics are simple, but it honestly feels like his damage is just too damn high. The Gale Slash tornados are difficult to see when you are under pressure to be dodging the Quaking Leap and Hunting Leap from Reban. When T'zala does his Deathly Roar, sometimes you will just end up being hit by a tornado which puts too much stress on the healer. During his phase to mount T'zala his aggro was resetting and he would incredibly frequently cast Blade Combo while leaping through the air, which feels like a bug. This would kill some of our dps players instantly. The damage of this encounter is hard to deal with on the tank while each of the raptors are up. The last phase of the fight with the spear traps is fine if the spears keep their static spawn location and direction. You can quite easily just stand on the opposite side of the spawn, then move slightly following them after they pass, moving back when they have made their whole way around. If this isn't intended, this phase will be an incredible nightmare for practically every caster in the game. Damage needs to be looked at, mostly from the raptors.

Overall difficulty: I spent many hours on this dungeon with a group that was likely a bit undergeared, but it was fine overall. The last boss felt practically impossible, if every single player wasn't playing perfectly at our gear level, we would wipe.

Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered: On the last boss when he leaps to T'zala, his Blade Combo would go on the nearest player it seemed at a random point during his travel, resulting in death most of the time.

Any other general thoughts about the dungeon: This place feels fantastic in every way. While the first and last bosses may be overtuned slightly, most of the trash packs felt difficult to deal with, and the bosses have incredibly engaging mechanics. The atmosphere is also incredible!
Burn corruption on 2nd boss is listed as a tank mechanic but targetted anyone (I actually prefer this)
I do like the room design of the first boss particularly. The animated gold is pretty similar to the embers on Aggramar (spread out and run to boss) but because there is the giant altar in the room you can get the adds grouped up pretty well without a mass grip.
Flow and design/look is fantastic, honestly the best dungeon so far. Our group was mostly around 335 with one 295 dps.

Difficulty felt pretty good aside from a couple nasty trash packs. The first trash after the Golden Serpent in the hall where Zul resurrects the people the damage feels a little high on every mob. The roided up troll after the 2nd boss, his aoe ground slam is a little too large and hard to get out of in time. Lastly the berserkers in the hall leading up to the 3rd boss apply a dot that is very overtuned.
Returned without people in my group having the daggers that 2 shot bosses.

First boss was intense, his HP was really high and the pools did a surprising amount of damage (40% of HP for taking a tick which is almost instant).

Second boss felt pretty good. The fire was overly punishing. you had to be moving when it was cast and it 1 shot anyone in my group that it hit.

Third boss took a few wipes as well, totems weren't particularly dangerous but the whirling axes required constant movement and then in 3rd phase having to deal with the charge and whirling axes was somewhat a challenge.

Fourth boss felt by far the easiest of them. He hit hard but his mechanics were very simple to deal with. Just a lot of moving.

Overall: This has been probably the hardest dungeon ive done since Cata (mechanics wise). Outside of last boss of Tol Dagor. It was very enjoyable and I hope it stays like this on live.
Ok so this instance is just... wow.
Can't even begin to describe how ridiculously overtuned this was in comparison to the other dungeons we have done on mythic.

We attempted this with 305 Prot Pally, 318 MW Monk, 325 Arcane Mage, 315 Frost Mage, 315 SPriest.

I personally had a blast, but there's some obvious numbers issues going on.

First trash: Fine, up until the first boss' room. The big guys that buff themselves 100% damage are completely untankable, our paladin was repeatedly one shot. There doesn't seem to be a way to remove it outside of having a druid for Soothe possibly either. Everything in this boss' room feels very overtuned against tanks in general, and I basically couldn't heal anyone else the whole time.

First boss was quite challenging until we got some people in Discord to outline our strategy. We basically ignored the adds entirely, rotating frost novas, ring of peace, leg sweep, and having our arcane mage spam slow on things that got too close, while keeping our puddle drops decently close to the boss so all adds would funnel together, and then we just walked the boss in a slow circle around the room. The dot on this boss hits like a truck. It does 40-50% of peoples' hp without a defensive. I'm not exaggerating. It ticks for over 40k on people who have 90k hp.

Trash after first boss was possibly the most insane part of the whole dungeon. Each of the King and Queen minibosses had abilities that either destroyed the tank completely ("magic damage will be used against tanks more sparingly" LOL) or one shot our dps. The biggest offender was the archer lady who shot people for 100k damage repeatedly, uninterruptible. We had to heroism to kill her.

Construct on the bridge was cool, we messed up the laser mechanic but figured out how to avoid it in retrospect. 2nd boss room trash was fine, though the pulsing aoe that goes out while people are trapped in the coffin is absurdly high, even for only a few ticks. I had to use both ChiJi and Revival to get us through both of the constructs.

Second boss was the easiest part of the instance by far. With Transcendence and Blinks we were able to break the Entombed player out before adds spawned each time. The channel the boss does is going to end up as another Feed on the Weak "if youre not a boomy or lock or have a shield wall youre instantly dead" on Tyrannical, which is lame.

Trash after 2nd boss was mostly fine with the exception of the Berserkers who's bleed we couldn't quite figure out. It seemed to just strike melee targets at random, and if you got more than one stack you were taking basically as much damage as I could possibly heal single target. We just ended up kiting them.

Third boss felt okay tuning wise. The first boss is easy with proper positioning (kiting during tank debuff and proper use of cds for backhands). The second boss probably needs a nerf, the axes were far too frequent for anyone to really get anything done. Maybe slow them down or reduce the frequency. The third boss things started to get pretty crazy. The exploding totem felt like it had too much hp, to the point where all 3 of our dps had to burn it at the expense of all the other totems every time. Tank damage was also noticeably high on this boss as well, we ended up 2-healing with our spriest going disc to keep the tank up so we didn't oom before the end.

Trash before last boss we didn't really figure out the mechanics enough to not die to it, but somehow managed to zerg it down. Notably, it respawned each time we wiped to the last boss.

The last boss was a nightmare. Again, we ended up having to double heal, rotating pally cds wth life cocoon, pain supp, and barrier to get through the brutal combos. With multiple 10% wipes, I'd like to say our strategy was sound, but in all honesty the spears are too fast. Without blink or transcend we had to do a terrible strat that involved both healers nuke healing the pally while he ate the stun since he couldn't outrun it and also be in consecrate to live the combo. Again, tank damage was far too high.

Tl;dr, the dungeon was really cool but it feels like Blizzard hasn't even bothered checking some of the damage numbers in here. dungeon is probably doing about 3 or 4 times more tank damage than any other mythic dungeon we did. The dungeon felt like it was tuned, at base mythic, like a +22 or +23 on live.
I dunno about a +22 or +23. Each of the bosses took 2-3 wipes for my early morning pug group. I feel like that's a solid difficulty for a supposed mythic difficulty dungeon at appropriate ilvl (320-325.

Siege of Boralus, Temple of Sethraliss, Freehold, and the MOTHERLODE are all noticeably easier then the rest of the dungeons and the last 3 are constantly run on beta because of it, whereas the other dungeons are much harder to find groups for.
Maybe the difficulty stemmed from undergeared tank (our tank was 305 ilvl) but it felt like no matter how much I spammed I couldn't keep him alive on the majority of bosses. In comparison, the other dungeons we've done I haven't really had to focus him at all.
05/21/2018 08:04 PMPosted by Saiyoran
Maybe the difficulty stemmed from undergeared tank (our tank was 305 ilvl) but it felt like no matter how much I spammed I couldn't keep him alive on the majority of bosses. In comparison, the other dungeons we've done I haven't really had to focus him at all.

Ran this as a MW with a pally tank. Hardest part was when the boss would Blade Combo on top of a fear, leaving the pally mostly defenseless since he cant block in fear. Sometimes even with proper CDs through the fear he would still die before I could get to him.

We did get it eventually, but even in our kill our tank died and had to be rezzed at the end of the raptor dying. If there was a way to not make the blade combo come out at the exact time a fear happens this would be a lot better. Damage is high, but not so high that we cant handle it properly. For reference the blade combo was doing around ~35-40k on the last 2 hits, so nothing unhealable (unless feared lol)
Dungeon it seems got nerfed into Oblivion.
Completed the dungeon in a guild group with an average ilvl of 323-327 and the following classes:
Tank - Demon Hunter
Healer - Holy Paladin
Dps - Warlock, Hunter, Death Knight

Overall Thoughts:
Cool dungeon. For sure one of the harder mythic dungeons for the expansion and felt like it requires a higher average ilvl compared to the others. I would not step in here without being 330-335 in order to have enough max health to survive mechanics. We had the dps to push bosses but barely enough health that getting hit by unavoidable mechanics would put us in one-digit percents and due to low healing power (9k Holy Lights at 2.3 sec for reference at 324) kinda tough to heal up if you did not play perfectly.

Will say we did MC one of the berserkers in the trash after the 2nd boss by our DK. The stacking bleed that this add does is insane if given the time to ramp up but not insane levels of BRH mage buffing strats. It really helped with the council fight in order to avoid mechanics.
The Golden Serpent
The graphic for the puddle that spawns from Spit Gold is very buggy. You can tell its a 10yrd circle but the graphic sometimes shows safe spots inside the circle that are not true. Caught us off guard the first time but does not look good.

Also, Spit Gold felt like was dealing insane damage. 40k dmg every 3 seconds for 9 seconds, when our max hp was in the 92k-101k for non tanks. If you got targeted twice in a row without a defensive for the 2nd, you would be in a tough spot for sure and most likely die if not ready for it.

Mchimba the Embalmer
Nothing to report here. Very smooth boss. No bugs.

The Council of Tribes
Like stated in the overall, having the berserker add really helped us push this boss for a kill easier than not having it. It allowed us to get through the bosses faster in order to not see the painful mechanics often (i.e. Severing Axe and Totems)

-- Kula the Butcher
The Severing Axe debuff is a bit insane. A 1min debuff that ticks 32.5k dmg every 2 second. If we did not have Blessing of Protection, this damage would have been very hard to heal at current levels and would have been better to let the person die to get ressed. Either scaling the damage back a bit to about 23k-27k range or make the tick at 3s-4s each time.

-- Aka'ali the Conqueror
Barrel Through felt very thin to stand in compared to how big the boss is. If you were not in the exact middle between the boss and the target, you would not get hit in order to soak the damage. With the whirling blades also present from the first boss, this charge should at least have about 2-4yrds added to the width so its a bit more lenient to stand in since you will have to move during it in order to dodge the whirling blades at the same time.

-- Zanazal the Wise
Like I said with the berserking add, we did not see too much of this boss. Though it felt it was correctly tuned. Explosive totem being a one shot if not killed feels right and is killable in time even if we did not have the Berserker add with us.

Shade of Zul
Going to highlight this trash mob because it would not stay dead after being killed. If that is intended, it is very annoying since the mechanics of it, if targeted by the similar ability to the final boss (Quaking Leap) would kill the target if they did not have a defensive.

Because Zul would always respawn, what we ended up doing was our tank would pull it all the way to the last boss room to the back and the rest of the group would stay at the bridge. Once the tank had Zul in position at the back of the room, we would run in avoid combat, tank would die and Zul would reset. Each time we wiped on the last boss we had to do this.

Dazar, The First King
The damage of Quaking Leap on the impact target is a bit insane at 116k dmg. If you got targeted back to back without a defensive for the 2nd, you were dead with our gear lvl (324-327). It felt like you have enough time to get out a sufficient distance for the aoe to not hit hard but only if you had a speed boost. Maybe adding 1-2sec to the impact may help with not having a speed boost each time.

Gale Slash's visual felt very transparent. Maybe adding a circle under the tornadoes to better see where it is and the radius it covers will help see it better. Also, maybe adding a 1 second grace period when it spawns to help melee move out of it because if you are directly next to the boss and it spawns on you, there is no time to move out and you get the dot from the tornado. The dot as well, according to the dungeon journal, says it last 1min but was actually lasting ~10seconds.

The most gimp part of the fight for us was the 2nd add casting fear and the boss following up with a Blade Combo during the fear. This feels really punishing for the tank since the fear is instant; you do not know when its coming or see it coming to prepare. We countered it by after about 3 seconds after the raptor spawns, tank pops defensives with my sac on him and I use Divine Shield to immune the fear in order to keep healing. This feels like we were overdoing it but it got us through the many wipes we had previously to this. Maybe have an indicator that the fear is coming with a 1 second uninterruptible cast or don't have the boss do Blade Combo during Fear.
Dungeon WQ popped for this and is offering Heroic loot. Is that intentional? Seems weird for a Mythic dungeon to offer LOWER level loot.
The raptor's fears seem to happen a little too frequently and end up with the raptor killing a melee or ranged since he runs around immediately after the tank is feared.
I was very into the vibe and flow of the dungeon.

I do have a few things that I feel are problematic.

1. The hub of King/Queen mobs right after the Golden Serpent. Particularly the queen that has that Mind Control ability. It seemed more potent/smart than other MC mechanic encounters?

2. The mobs in Mchimba's room seem to be extremely punishing for melee heavy groups. I was the only ranged DPS when I did this place last night. The AoE spam really makes it hard for melee to do anything to the giant add. Medium add also seems to do a relatively high amount of damage. Was that intended? I have no real issues with the actual boss fight, for the record.

3. Trash mobs after Mchimba certainly needed a composition fairly loaded with silences/stuns, which we did have fortunately. The bleed tick was very hard for healers to keep up with, which I guess is intended. Ways around it were determined.

4. The Council encounter - I'm okay with the majority of the three phases of the fight. I do feel the amount the whirling blades bleed ticks for might be a bit much.

5. I must have a very different experience with the final boss to a lot of other people because...I found it easy in comparison to everything after the first boss? But I'm guessing numbers got a significant adjustment on this fight from reading earlier posts. I'm guessing this fight becomes harsh on higher keystones, so I'll just say whatever adjustments happened in the last few weeks made this fight a better balance.

Fun instance. Found it a good challenge to adjust to. But I don't envy melee classes doing this place.
Golden serpent encounter is overtuned for tyrannical
10/10/2018 07:47 PMPosted by Grimslyth
Golden serpent encounter is overtuned for tyrannical

necro much?

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