RBG Tournament May 5th, 12:00pm EST

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Brought to you by,
Dreamwalker-Tichondrius, Bradwerdh-Tichondrius, Darkpenx-BleedingHollow,
<Always Strive And Prosper>

And thank you to: Starship, Originalgod for fixing addons to make this all happen.

As well as Xaryu who will now be hosting throughout the tournament!


These 2018 World of Warcraft Rated Battleground Tournament Rules, Terms, and Conditions govern qualification for Wargame play in World of Warcraft.

These Official Rules establish the rules of tournament play, including player eligibility, tournament structure, point structure, and player conduct. You are required to read and understand these Official Rules before you can participate in the Tournament.

You agree to accept these Official Rules in order to participate in the Tournament, and you must abide by these Official Rules in order to remain eligible to play in the Tournament. All of this is explained below.

2. Tournament Structure

2.1 General Tournament Rules

a) The Tournament consists of competitions between “Rated Battleground Teams,” with each Rated Battleground Team made up of at least ten (10), and no more than (3), eligible substitutes in place of team members unable to compete. The members of a Rated Battleground Team shall be designated by one (1) Eligible Participant for each Rated Battleground Team who operates as the “Team Captain,” and who invites other Eligible Participants to join the Rated Battleground Team.

b) A Rated Battleground must have (10) players participating in a Match.

c) Competition in the Tournament must take place in World of Warcraft, and in accordance with these Rules and the Blizzard End User Agreement.

d) Team compositions must have four or less healers, and each team may only run with two players playing tank specialization in your group. While multiclassing is acceptable. Teams may have no more than two (2) of the same class.

2.2 Tournament Matches

e) Each World of Warcraft Match will consist of a Point Style Tournament

g) At Administrative discretion, one game-starting method will be set for the Tournament. In the event an admin is not available to invite each team to a Wargame, Teams will need to Wargame themselves. Each Series is comprised of up to three (3) Engagements with the first Rated Battleground Team to gain five (5) points, declared the winner of the series. Each Engagement continues until every team has reached the limit and engaged with every team. A series is over after a total of three games or five (5) points obtained.

h) The first game of every series will be played on The Battle for Gilneas. Each team will declare a starting composition to a Tournament Admin. In the event a Tournament admin is not available, the higher ranked or seeded team will start the Wargame. Note that this will be a blind pick, and the opposing team’s composition should not be revealed prior to the match.
i) Players experiencing connection or other issues should leave the map before the doors open. Once a Match beings, should one or more Eligible Participants on a Team lose their connection to the Blizzard online gaming service and “drop,’ the game will continue, with the other members of the team continuing to play.

j) Each game will last a maximum of twenty (20) minutes. If no team has a clear lead after twenty (20) minutes of play, as determined by an admin.

k) The first map of every series will be played on The Battle for Gilneas. The second map is up to the losing team of the first map. The final map is decided after both teams have participated in a veto, then an administrator will in game roll to decide a map.

Roll Index:

1-25 = Arathi Basin
26-50 = Silvershard Mines
51-75 = Temple of Kotmogu
76-100 = Warsong Gulch

If the same number/map is rolled that was played on Game 2, we will simply retool until we get a non-vetoed map that hasn’t been played yet.

World of Warcraft Rated Battleground Tournament.

a) The World of Warcraft Rated Battleground Tournament will consist of ________ teams.

Rated Battleground Teams will have (10) minutes prior to the start of the first Match to prepare the computer on which they will participate in the Match.

Should a Rated Battleground Team use an Eligible Participant who is not a member of the Team in a Match, or who is not designated as a substitute player by the Team captain prior to the Match, Blizzard will penalize the Rated Team, which could include loss of the Match, disqualification, or a re-game, at Administrators sole discretion.

3. Gameplay

Map Pool: Arathi Basin, The Battle for Gilneas, Twin Peaks, Temple of Kotmogu, Silvershard Mines

Roster Swapping and Substitutions.
a) Teams are considered “locked” after they have earned at least one point from a match. “Locked” teams must abide by the following restrictions when making any adjustments to their roster of players:

A “Roster or Substitution Swap” consists of any addition made for any reason to a team’s active roster of players. This includes, but is not limited to, swapping a player out for another.

Arathi Basin.
There will no tolerated fast capping of any base. This is determined by our administrative spectators.
Any exploitations involving roofs of buildings or glitching into untouchable spots will not be tolerated and result in immediate disqualification from the tournament or future tournaments.
Silvershard Mines.
There are no known exploits for this map. (Testing will be done accordingly).
Temple of Kotmogu.
There are no known exploits for this map. (Testing will be done accordingly).
The Battle for Gilneas.
There will be no going on buildings or fast capping.
Twin Peaks.
Demon Hunters are specifically not allowed to jump above the Restoration Hut located on the Alliance side of the map, or go onto any untouchable surface.

4 Player Conduct

4.1 Behavior

a) Players must at all times observed the highest standards of personal integrity and good sportsmanship. Players are required to behave in a professional and sportsmanlike manner in their interactions with other competitors. Tournament organizers and members of the administration team, the media, fans. This includes but is not limited to the following: conduct on social media, live streams, videos, or anything public-facing. What qualifies as “sportsmanlike manner” is up to Administrative discretion.

b) Players are expected to settle their differences in a respectful manner without resorting to violence, threats, or physical or non-physical intimidation. Violence is never permitted towards any tournament organizer, or against any competitor or administrator.

4.2 Cheating

Players are encouraged to compete to the best of their ability at all times. Any form of cheating will not be tolerated. All players are prohibited from influencing or manipulating a Tournament game or Match so that the outcome is determined by anything other than its merits. Examples of cheating would include but are not limited to:

a) Collusion, match fixing or any other action to intentionally alter, or attempt to alter, the results of any game or Match, including losing a game or match with another player in order to advance another teams’ rank.
b) Attempts to interfere with another player’s connection to the game service through Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) or any other means;
c) Tampering with the entry process or the operation of the Tournament
d) Any use of bots, hacks, firewall hacks, or any code and/or software not expressly authorized by Blizzard that allows the automated control of World of Warcraft, Blizzard’s online gaming service, or any component or feature thereof;
e) Any intentional use, or attempted use, by a player of any bugs or exploits in the game may result in a forfeit of the Match and disqualification from the Tournament and participating in future Tournaments.
g) Players may not advertise, promote, or advocate any service or action that breaks World of Warcraft’s Terms of Service agreement.

4.3 Illegal and Ethical Conduct

Players are required to observe all laws applicable to their participation in the Tournament, including games, Matches, media events, autograph signings, photo sessions,
4.4 Anti-Harassment
Blizzard and tournament organizers are committed to providing a competitive environment that is free of harassment and discrimination. In furtherance of this commitment, players engaged in the Tournament and Tournament events are prohibited from engaging harassment or discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation or any other status or characteristic protected by law.

4.5 Gambling

Gambling on the outcome of Tournament games or Matches can pose a serious threat to the integrity of Blizzard esports and public condense in the Tournament. Players are not allowed to place, or attempt to place, bets (whether in-game virtual currency or federal government fiat) on any games or Matches involving competitive play of a Blizzard title, including World of Warcraft. This rule also prohibits players from participating in anyone else’s betting activities, asking anyone to place bets on Tournament games or Matches on player’s behalf, or encouraging anyone else to bet on Tournament games or Matches.

4.5 Alcohol and Drugs.

a) Players may not use obscene gestures, profanity, or references to drugs, sex or violence in their Team Names, BattleTags, player handles, game chat, discord chat or any public facing media. This rule applies to English and all other languages in use in the Tournament and includes abbreviations and/or obscure references.

4.6 Non-Disparagement.

a) Players always have the right to express their opinions in a professional and sportsmanlike manner. Tournament disputes or player violation reports must be reviewed by the administrative organizers and Blizzard before any information is released publicly.

b) Players may not at any time make, post, publish or communicate to any person or entity or in any public forum any false, defamatory, libelous, slanderous or disparaging remarks, comments or statements concerning Blizzard, its apparent and any of their respective affiliate companies and subsidiaries or World of Warcraft of any other Blizzard tittle. This Section does not, in any way, restrict or impeded a player from complying with any applicable law or a valid order of court of competent jurisdiction or an authorized government agency, provided that such a compliance does not exceed that required by the law or order.

4.7 Media and Streaming

a) Players must be polite to spectators and media, but players have the right to refuse requests that are not part of their official Tournament schedule.

b) Regarding streaming, all streaming that takes place must be done in a professional manner and be authorized in advance by administrative organizer approval. Otherwise, players have the right to host any stream that does not conflict with the Tournament schedule. It is advised that if you decide to stream for your audience via Twitch, Discord or any other platform that you set at least a five (5) minute delay for your stream and moderate your viewers and chat to uphold the same integrity and conduct. Overall, it is at your sole discretion on whether or not you decide to stream.

c) We want to promote a positive environment for our viewers who do wish to tune into the streams that occur during the tournament. We as hosts would love for all streamers to be informative and help answer any question that viewers may have as the goal that we have establish from the beginning is to regain the trust and pay it forward with the pvp community as a whole.
4.8 Restricted Sponsorships

a) Blizzard wants you to be successful in your efforts to build your own brand and sponsorship opportunities. However, in order to preserve the reputation of Blizzard and the Tournament, Blizzard needs to place some restrictions on sponsor categories.

4.9 Disciplinary Action

a) In order to preserve the integrity of the Tournament and Blizzard’s reputation for open and fair competition, Blizzard will have the right to monitor compliance with these Official Rules, investigate possible breaches of the Official Rules and impose sanctions for violations. You agree to cooperate with Blizzard and our Administrative team in any such investigation.

b) If any Administrator determines that a player has been cheating or has otherwise violated these Official Rules, the player may be immediately disqualified and removed from the Tournament. In addition, Blizzard may, in its sole discretion:

Issue a warning to the player and publish that warning on World of Warcraft sites;
Disqualify the player from participating in any future World of Warcraft tournaments and events;
Revoke all or any part of the points previously awarded to the player;
Terminate all licenses granted to the player for Blizzard titles, including World of Warcraft; and/or
Terminate all Blizzard accounts that are held by the player.

c) Blizzard’s determination as to the appropriate disciplinary action will be final and binding. Blizzard reserves the right to lock out players whose eligibility is in question or who have been disqualified or are otherwise ineligible to enter the tournament.

d) The failure by a player to cooperate with any internal or external investigation that Blizzard conducts relating to a violation of these Official Rules or applicable by law is, itself, a violation of these Official Rules.
How the Tournament Works:
The teams will be split evenly into two different groups:
Group A, and Group B.
This is decided by a /roll. We will have ONE neutral person on stream, /roll as each specific team to place them into a group. If the number is lower than 50, the team enters Group A. If The number is 51 or higher, the team enters Group B.

Stage #1: The Round Robin
What this means is that every team plays each team within their respective group, as part of a Round Robin, or "Group Stage". So every team in Group A, plays every team in Group A. Every team in Group B, plays every team in Group B.
The winner of these matchups will be determined by the first team to FIVE POINTS WINS. It is important to note that:
A win with your team using 2 Demon Hunters = 2 Points
A win with your team using 1 Demon Hunter = 3 Points
A win with your team using 0 Demon Hunters = 4 Points
A tie = Is settled by a sudden death 3v3 match of members on each team. Winner receives 1 point.

After every team has played each team within their respective group, they will be seeded.
Group A's teams will be ranked 1,2,3,4,5 according to points. Group B's team will also be ranked 1,2,3,4,5.
Seeding will be determined by points accumulated after the round robin or group stage.
These points are important because if your team earns more points, you play a weaker opponent in the next phase of the tournament.
They are also important, because every point your team earns, will be kept for future games. We will be using the point system just described for a season long league, so even if you don't fair well in this tournament, please remember we can do this every week if we stay motivated and together.
This is a really cool opportunity for the Rbg community so let's not make it a one time thing!
Once the teams are seeded, the bracket will look like this:

Group A #1 (team with most points in Group A) VS Group B # 4 (team with the fourth most points in Group B)

Group A #2 (team with second most points in Group A) VS Group B # 3 (team with 3rd most points in Group B)

Group A #3 (team with third most points in Group A) VS Group B # 2 (team with 2nd most points in Group B)

Group A #4 (team with fourth most points in Group A) VS Group B # 1 (team with the most points in Group B)

A1 vs B4 winner VS A3 vs B2 winner
A3 vs B2 winner VS A4 vs B1 winner

winners of the semifinals....
Yes, it will be one big tournament now! With our limited manpower we believe it will be easier to run an initial massively succesful tournament, and implement a top tier and bottom tier for our next competitions. We realise that certain teams may have a large experience advantage over other teams, but remember the points you earn can be kept for a season long tournament, or league, if this works out! We encourage the top teams to play oddball strats and comps when facing a lower team, and keep the tournament fun to watch. The majority of players in WoW pvp are lower mmr players, so the larger part of the community wants to be involved in or watch players they play with and against compete too!
Team SX6: Simonthedh, Rookere, Slipnslide, Bloom, Goruk, Abn, Voh, Zark, Dean, Scott, Ozz, Rachy, C9 jensen

Team Ocean: Creative, Chernova

Team Dingle

Team Bellicostco

TEAM A$AP: Highrise/Dreamwalker

Team MOP: Darkpenx, Bradwer, Alizae, Phinster, Namkha/Clump, Shroomzy

Team Naz

Team Noodledance

Teamhurt - Johnhurts-Kil'jaedan

Team Azuzita-Ragnaros

Team Amatsukaze-Lethon

Team 3 : Viable, Lit, Tonk, Kyle, Rocket, Ani, Slick, Mucho, Wolf, Ken dk

Team Dingus: Menj-Antonidas, Serainia-Thrall, Kdx-Kel'Thuzad, Kayter-Crushridge, Lokizeta-Tichondrius, Boomshine-Mal'Ganis, Simonie-Sargeras

Team Rodeboy: Bogard, Linnae, Blindwolf, Demonpeste, Pujax, Sufferin, Nighdesire, Lesidead, Dirtyblood, Rodeboy, Budika, Orcoyote

Team Fancy: Gigi, Miracle, Zanthus, Freyja, Clickzz, Astro, Boby, Fancydh, PK, Eric, Alfron

Team Havoc Mythology: Rooster, Lovelessly, Vampx, Metakiller, SxBlade, Ziperziita, Xohan, Skyblackr, Chepa, Stroker, Zonyk

Team Tubshark: Lunartic, Tubshark, Iamlorde, jester, Kyhunts, Bubblebop, Spiritbunny, Rotgod, Krikkit, Mercy,

Team Shake: shakethebear, Dosier, tylerxo, ayymikey, Maui, kayciiee, ihealulive, vavalos, litreofcola

Team Jadeshaw: lovely, jadeshaw, welds, notae, rev, shifty, canada, belv, jake, fallen

Team Jasper - Jasper, sadboy, jwow, Jixxer, star, dopest, roy, blaster, hellkin
Any and all teams can sign up until Wednesday may 2nd, at 11:59pm EST!
Thanks for the overwhelming support! Very encouraging to continue to put efforts into this kind of stuff! <3
Our team is now ready, and needs to be reached by the experienced streamers and pvpers, about the twitch aspect of this tournament and how and who to run it!
should just ban demon hunters from the tournament :)
So, reading though the rules here it looks like the games will be 10v10? Other post makes it look like the games will be 6v6. Can you please clarify?
It is a 10v10 RBG tournament. Our goal is to bring together the community through this tournament and to obtain a base of players to create a league of rbgs, 6v6, or varied gameplay types in the future, as well as build followers/viewers towards the idea.
Keen to join if any Ally side needs an ele
05/01/2018 04:40 PMPosted by Darkpenx
While multiclassing is acceptable. Teams may have no more than two (2) of the same class.

Rule don't seem very smart according to how RBG's are in all reality. What you're saying is that a team can not play double holy priest(meta) and also bring a shadow priest dps(sometimes taken based on player/comp).
05/01/2018 09:03 PMPosted by Ratkx
Keen to join if any Ally side needs an ele

We definitely need an ele... and at this point, we only need 2 hpriest and an affy lock. Everyone in the group is 2k+xp (I was 2300 last season on 4 characters) so we know what we're doing. Add me at Goldeneye#11295 and just lmk what your btag is so I can get you added from the list of pending :D

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