Bloodwall LFM! Up to 2 Heals/2 DPS

Tenured Guild – Approaching 5 years raiding Normal/Heroic for AotC (No Mythic)
Raid Team: LF up to 2 Strong healers - Up to 2 strong DPS
Note: Due to strong turn out - we upped the need for additional healers. These spots are currently filled with players who swing between DPS/Heals depending on needs and excited to be able to fill in a couple more full time heal spots!

Message Foxcee! (Discord/Bnet Foxcee #1707)

Full Post:
It's time to start realizing that every guild does not have to be a stressful one - there are so many things to do in the game, let's enjoy it!

* Make your own schedule Life First, Games After
* Normal/Heroic Raid Team (took a step back from mythic in favor of flex raiding/less stress)
* Start having fun while raiding!
* Always get our AotC - Active discord
* 4+ years of raiding as a guild thanks to solid core.
* If you break - we'll be here when you get back
* You and your friends can raid together without the worry of being cut! We work raiders from farm into progression by adding more bosses to their play list each week until they are skilled/geared to raid full time progression.

* Non-Raiders also welcome!
* Mog Peeps - Travel with us into old content and let’s expand those closets!
* Achievements - Nothing like knocking these out for bragging rights or mounts!
* Mythic Plus - Actively running keys Tuesday & Fri/Sat - Mythic + rank in discord

Bloodwall is a semi-casual/hardcore guild meaning we are very understanding in schedule, learning, atmosphere is laid-back and fun but we do take raiding serious and make sure to get our AotC every content. Some nights will be wipe nights where we might not get a boss down but the difference is we still have a good time working on the boss, no stress. Wiping is part of the path to AotC so we want to learn our fights as a group and for our members to constantly grow in their classes.

Everyone gets to raid with the farm team - Progression Ranks are earned. We move bosses from the "Progression Squad Only" list to the "Farm Raider" list weekly. So you may not be able to attend all raids but would get to see our farm every Wednesday!

Raid times are as follows:
All Nights Optional! You make your own schedule *^.^*
Wednesday 8-11pm EST (Farm & Progression Raiders)
Thursday 8-11pm EST (Progression)
Monday 8-11pm EST (Progression)
Note: 8-8:30 invites, 1st pull at 8:30.
(Flexible arrival departure times if you have something going on - no problem at all, just give us notice ahead of time)

Talk with you soon!
:+: Foxcee :+:
Btag & Discord: Foxcee#1707
Welcome to our 4 new member! Great week in recruiting - exciting for the new raiders and non-raiders we added this week. Hit us up if you are interested!
Im interested in joining you sound like what im looking for. Just started playing again preordered BfA and used the boost on this hunter I had sitting around from wrath also have a 110 mage on another server I may transfer over. I raided from vanilla through cataclysm but havnt done any raiding since besides a few LFRs in legion. Wasn't planning on raiding in legion im way behind on gear but would like to do some in BfA.

Bnettag: TBOT#11327
Adding you today Robothive! Talk with you soon :)
Sounds good ill be on tonight.
It's that time again! Pre-Patched has dropped and we got spots open! Hit us up if you are interested <3
May be interested. Been somewhat inactive/casual through Legion, but possibly looking to get back into a bit of casual raiding with BFA. Used to raid a lot from BC through MoP, but not so much the last two xpacs. Used to raid holy paladin, but have been doing more ret. Can do either.

Edit: BTag Turtles#1822
Thinking about trying to getting back into playing and having fun. I used to Mythic raid on my Resto shaman for a long time and that's where most of my expertise is, but really like playing my Warlock. This guild seems like a breath of fresh air because unlike in the past I don't have the time or drive to do mythic raiding. I enjoy doing things outside of game and having the flexibility to potential leave early or come late depending on life events is very inviting.

Feel free to add my BTag Brigga#1905 and five me a shout. I have your app page bookmarked and am really considering filling it out.

Take care and Have fun.
I'm interested. Holy/Prot (hate ret but can do it in a pinch) pally with on and off raiding experience since BC. I'm no drama, quick on my feet and love to heal. I added ya on bnet.
Looking for more! :)
RAIDING IS 1 WEEK AWAY! Please add if you are looking to raid I would love to talk to you!
4/8N 1st Night!

We are ready to shuffle in a couple extra healers due to our high turnout for 1st raid. Come join us!
Had some questions about the guild and potentially joining, added on you BattleTag (DejaVudoo#1498).
Added you on b.NET the guild sounds just like what i am looking for. Currently 6/8N former full time mythic raider
My friend and I would like to join your guild. They are a level 120 mage and I am a 120 Warlock.
I have interest in joining along with my girlfriend. Just like to ask a few questions first if that's ok. I added you on BattleTag - LesterXP#1916.

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