Breakpoint is one of the nicest raiders and raid leaders I have ever met. If anyone has an interest in Heroic progression raiding, or looking to find a solid and fun team to play with for Battle for Azeroth, I'd really recommend talking with Break ^_^
960+ havoc DH Demonsoul.
Just Xfered to horde after a few month break/ on and off play
currently 4/11 mythic
just looking for active guild going in BFA heroic or mythic

hit me up at
Hi Breakpoint, I would like to chat with you about joining your heroic raid group, when you have the time. Here's a link to my forum post. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20764316516#post-1
I sent you a B-tag request as well. :)
Our first weekday raid was great lots of people came for the fun. Currently looking for ranged dps and any healers/tanks looking to join us will need to have a dps spec.
Full Heroic clear on our first week great job weekday team. Still on the look out for some more ranged dps, and a full time non druid tank. Mythic team is also looking for some stellar rDPS.
Very interested! Will be reaching out :)
Weekday team did very well this week again. Looking to do Antorus Achievements next week. Mythic team on the search for some good Rdps, and if we can be Ideal for a moment a Holy Paladin.
05/28/2018 02:22 AMPosted by Aesnia
Very interested! Will be reaching out :)
still waiting to hear from ya :)
Pre patch is coming! Come get your raid spot today.

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