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Guild Recruitment
Hello all, we at <Discfunctional> are a fresh guild founded on a solid core of raiders and friends. We have come together after years of being in guilds together to settle down and escape the monotony of your typical clique guilds where the GM and Officers do everything together and avoid the masses. We are all solid 80%+ parsing raiders with prior Mythic/Heroic experience dating back to the long leveling days of Vanilla and having taking more serious raiding throughout Cata and continuously ramping up through WoD and earlier Legion. I consider us a Semi-Hardcore guild since while we play serious, we also have families, jobs, higher educations outside of the game that we are also pursuing.
If you fall under a similar lifestyle, maybe having been a more hardcore player, but want to take a more lax approach to the upcoming expansion, or if you are a more casual player now and feel the strong desire to further yourself. We might be a solid fit for you. We have a laid back atmosphere in guild, enjoy doing keys, old raids, fishing, and other usual tedious things together. Our goals for BFA are not exactly getting Cutting Edge within a month of it being out, but we do have high intentions of reaching that goal throughout the tiers. Progression is what we love and we strive to engage ourselves in. We are looking so far at around 12-15 people for BFA thus far, and would love a few more DPS and Healers to round out our roster going into the expansion.
Ideally we are looking for the following:
Resto Shaman
Shadow Priest
Enhancement Shaman
Balance Druid
Retribution Paladin
Death Knight
Demon Hunter

Our current raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday from 9pm Central (7pm pst, 10pm est) until around Midnight central (10pm pst, 1am est)

We are fully intending to do alt runs, on off nights, or have discussion of optional extra days early in progression.

If this is of any interest to you and you feel that you are a player who can maintain a solid part of a core team including character upkeep, profession upkeep, with solid raid attendance, please add myself the GM and Raid Leader of <Discfunctional> @ climdog#1524 or my lead officer Lunarayne @ LunaRayne#1959 or message anyone in guild on Zul'Jin and they will get ahold of myself. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear soon.
before bedtime bump after gettin some of that sweet pubg dinner
sunny and 75 out here today, hope you all have a great day!
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are you tired of rngesus, me too
pubg with the bois tonight!
Finshing up heroic tonight
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the shakey hands and pubg dont mix
still looking for more solid players to enjoy the expansion with
about to do heroic!
3 mage towers done last night!
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first boss in uldir looks like an easy load of fun
pubg tonight! we dont dabble with them fortnite players
1 night heroic tonight...a rare 1 shot heroic coven with pugs...
long weekend away, good to be back home!
still lookin for some likeminded progression based dps for core spots
bump, played a bit of beta, good things on the horizon

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