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About Roll Initiative
Roll Initiative started out as an all players welcome reroll guild in March of 2018. We started out with level caps to keep everyone in the same level bracket and playing the game together so as not to have just a mass rush to 110 which often leaves other levelers behind. It has been a great time during the leveling process and we have a very great community to show for it.
Since March, we have reached our 110-level cap and now will start raiding Normal and Heroics with the intent to start Mythic raiding for BfA.
Roll Initiative is unlike other guilds in the fact that we do not have a GM. We are led by a group of 5 officers called the Council. All big decisions are voted on by the Council and discussed with members.

Raid Days and Times
Our current raid schedule is Thursday and Sunday 8pm – 11pm EST.
Depending on how things go, we might also start a second raid group in the future.

Current Progression
On Sunday 5/6/18, we stepped into our first guild progression raid, Antorus. We went 9/11N and will have a full Normal clear this week no problems. Will step into heroic progression within the next 2 weeks.

What we currently need
We are currently looking for ranged dps, a holy paladin, and a resto shaman.

Roll Initiative also does other activities other than raiding. We have several player sponsored events with prizes offered for winners, an example currently going on is a mage tower event, as well as group PvP events such as RBGs and Arenas.

Why choose Roll Initiative?
We at Roll Initiative want to become a community and not just another raid guild. We are very active and social so all types of players are welcome, not just raiders. With our humble beginnings as a reroll guild, it really gave us time to communicate how the guild should be ran and how people deserve to be treated. By choosing Roll Initiative, you are also choosing a long-term home to have fun with for many days to come.

If Interested, Please contact our recruitment Officer! You can do this on B-Net or Discord.
B-Net at Jagermeifter#1410 or Taaser#1461
Discord at Jagermeifter#0282 or Taaser(Robby)#1042
Hope to hear from you soon!
We start raiding Antorus tomorrow. Need more active raiders and hopefully some pvpers.
Looking for some new and returning players that want to get into a guild they can call home and work together to build a raid team for BFA
[Zug Zug]
Still Looking for more
Hows everyone's night so far?
Good Night all!
Good Morning !! Awesome group of people to enjoy playing this game with!!
Raid day, woot woot!!!!
If your returning to wow and looking to a guild to call home for the rest of legion and into BFA please look us up!
Went 9/11 first night in N Antorus! Great job. Come join in on the fun!
Im going to cap this week, I promise!
Get on it ato, we are waiting!!
I love lamp.
Good afternoon all!
added you Jagermeifter
Still Looking for more!
Always looking for more!
Need some ranged dps!
Any Holy Pallys or Resto Shams out there?

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