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Darrowmere and Windrunner
So if anyone knows me well, you know that I love to PVP. During all my time of playing WoW I focused more on PVP rather than PVE. During my time on this realm I have seen & joined many PvP guilds but it seems like there isn’t any anymore. In WoD I was in a guild that would run RBGs weekly or so.. Now I haven’t even heard of or seen a PvP guild since coming back to WoW. Anyways, I have been trying to push my rating in RBGs since being back but it seems all I can join are Yolos or groups on LFG that seem to not know what they are doing THUS losing rating. I do not have the achieves to join these 2k exp groups. So if there’s some kinda low profile RBG groups on these realms I need to know of them.. switching realms would be the easy solution regarding PvP guilds but I still have hope on finding that group to help me push my rating. Well, thanks for your time & hopefully we can find a solution.
Well Bob, this doesn't seem to be getting many hits. Let me know though if you do find a good PvP group. I haven't been able to find 1 either.

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