<The Eternal Order> Madoran/Dawnbringer

Dawnbringer and Madoran
TLDR: We need more healers and are willing to pay for server transfers for the right people.

<The Eternal Order> is a casual/social raiding and pvp guild on the Horde side of the Madoran server looking to bolster its ranks for Antorus, the Burning Throne, and beyond. We are trying to promote guild synergy now, so come Battle for Azeroth we are a legitimate raiding team. The guild is ran by veteran gamers of all types who strive to create a fun, relaxed and drama free environment for all levels of players.

Server time is Central time, and we raid 8:30 to 10:30 on Fridays. We will be adding more days and times when our team is more rounded out.

We understand that not all players want or have the time to raid; and are looking for new family members of all types. From raiders to questers, mythic plus pushers to chatters and pvpers, ALL are welcome.

Our raid focuses on progressing while still having fun raiding. While we are still starting off as a new guild, most of us have cleared heroic and have pushed into mythic Antorus. As of now we have one raid night which is Friday night from 8:30-10:30pm server time we are looking to expand to another night for raiding, with Mythic Plus, fun raids, and pvp in between.

Progression: Our members individually are 11/11 H Antorus, and as a guild 10/11 N Antorus.

Voice Chat: Discord

Required Add-Ons:
Current Boss Mod (DBM/BigWigs)

Expectations of All Members:
• Must be a team player
• Fun with a sense of humor
• Respectful of others
• Helpful

Expectations of All Raiders:
• Punctuality: Raid invites go out at 8:15pm server time.
• Preparedness: Have proper flasks, food, enchants and gems.
• Personal Abilities: Know your strengths and weaknesses.
• Boss Preparations: Research boss fights prior to entering the raid group.
• Dedication: Ability and desire to commit and contribute to the raid group.
• Attitude: We are not an elitist group; we play to enjoy ourselves and the people around us.

Recruitment Needs:

Priest (disc), Shaman, Druid

Mage, Shaman, Druid

Warrior, Paladin

All classes and specs will be considered. We also accept "back up" raiders, those that wish to raid but cannot commit 100% of the time.

We are willing to help cover transfer costs for the right people.

If your interested, let me or my recruitment officer know! We'd love to bring you along to some Mythic+, next weeks raid, or just have you hop in discord and chat with us!

My Btag - Morg#1840
My Discord - Morgenn#7580
Kodan's Btag – Mac#1875
Kodan's Discord – kodan#7244
I saw you guys in game. I am writing this to inform you of possible copyright infringement in the use of the word "eternal" in a guild name. Just kidding, of course. We're also actively recruiting, the only requirement is that you be a character created and controlled by me.

It's cool that a progression guild is similarly named, maybe people will be confused and give me some undeserved respect (or at least stop /spit'ing on me). I hope this doesn't derail your thread. This board is so dead, and I really wanted to tease you for your guild name. Best of luck on recruitment.
Elricreincar can you PM me if possible? Happiehappie#6909
Interested. Myself and a friend are looking for a great pve/pvp guild. On the Madoran Alliance atm. Willing to swtich for the right guild. Playing since Vanilla.

Battletag: Blainez#1288
I just got back into the game, haven't purchased BFA yet, but I am leveling some alts and getting my GF back into the game. I have over 6 years of experience in the game with all of my breaks excluded. I am interested in finding a guild for both my GF and I while we level up characters (I will be considerably faster, as I have more free time,) and eventually to raid with, though I can find another group for that if there are no slots available at the time. We are on Dawnbringer.

I have a level 100 Warrior, 95 Druid, and then several low level alts, but I would be more than willing to level a character that is needed for raids in the future.

Please hit me up if you have openings in your guild, thanks!

I am Looking for a new guild I am casual used to raid hard core might be looking to get into it once i get the gear for it but I love running any kind on content Just transferred to this realm
Please hit me back up my BT is SilentSword#1126348

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