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So i left the game during MOP i was in a pretty cool guild at the time called the "Pikman Warrior's" the GM was named Jankster a female tauren, and well long story short the guild was gone i couldn't find anyone that i was cool with back then. Not to sure if the guild left to another server i really miss my old guild and raiding with them all.

<murlocs> (murlocs.com) @ Mal'ganis [H] is currently recruiting for both weekly Raid Groups and NYC-based monthly meet-up events! New members are welcome to be involved in both or either community, and attending meet-ups does not affect raider status or vice-versa.

We're striving to bring back the strong social community aspect of gameplay both in game and real life which has been lost in the age of LFR and cross-server pugging.

Currently, we do weekly heroic clears for re-gearing alts/players coming back. You're welcome to come along!

High Priority:
- Raid healer (resto shaman, resto druids) - 930 ilvl
- Range dps with 935 ilvl 70 traits

Medium Priority:
- Any 930 ilvl / 75 traits players looking to do weekly heroic clears

Open Recruitment:
We are open to anyone wanting to join our community. It's open recruitment for BFA, and our murloc community.

Feel free to reach out to me (ev0#1934) for an invite or more info!

Guild Website: https://murlocs.com
Raid times: Tues-Weds 8:15-11:15pm EST
idk if its the same person. But found a jankster on your server

@Aryalla Thanks that might be her,but ive tried whispering her even pm'ing through bnet but it always tells me no player found..hmmm
According to WoWProgress, It's the same one. https://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/trollbane/Jankster
It also indicates that there are no 110's left in Pikman Warriors and I cannot find them via search on worldofwarcraft.com.
Best of luck.

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