✨Motorbike Memorial Ride-A-Thon 2018✨

Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
Put on your leather chaps and strap your legs around something hard and hot! Get your motors running and get prepared for Moon Guard's annual event the ✨Motorbike Memorial Ride-A-Thon✨, 2018 edition! You! YES, YOU Are welcome to come on down to the US Moon Guard realm and join in the fun!

What this event is
Moon Guard's Motorbike Memorial Ride-A-Thon is an annual event open to the public for both Alliance and Horde! This is an event in which people gather and ride motorbikes across the length the Eastern Kingdoms in memorial to fallen soldiers and an excuse to have a good time!

When & Where
The Ride-A-Thon will be held on May 28th (coinciding with the U.S. Memorial Day), beginning at 7:00 PM Moon Guard realm time (that's 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST / Midnight GMT), at Light's Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaque Lands.

There will be a brief speech commemorating the fallen soldiers of Azeroth given by myself with the help of a translator for Alliance and then I will lead a procession of riders across The Eastern Kingdoms on a predetermined path down south to Booty Bay. Upon arriving at Booty Bay there will be an after party.

It is important that participants follow Githnji or the assisting raid leaders following me, in order to stick to the predetermined path, because the route selected is planned in such a away as to avoid as much npc pvp flagging as possible.

It is highly encourage that participants use a motorcycle mount during this event. These mounts include:

Note: The Chauffeured mounts do not scale with max level ground mount training speed and are therefore slower.

Champion's Treadblade - http://www.warcraftmounts.com/mounts/championstreadblade.php

Warlord's Deathwheel - http://www.warcraftmounts.com/mounts/warlordsdeathwheel.php

Mekgineer's Chopper - http://www.warcraftmounts.com/mounts/mekgineerschopper.php

Mechno-Hog - http://www.warcraftmounts.com/mounts/mechanohog.php

Goblin Trike - http://www.warcraftmounts.com/mounts/goblintrike.php

Goblin Turbo-Trike - http://www.warcraftmounts.com/mounts/goblinturbotrike.php

If you wish to participate and do not own one of these mounts or can not afford one, fear not! All are welcome to join us regardless of what mount they choose. Remember this event is open to all regardless of faction or guild affiliation. So, come along and tell your friends!

Want to contact me directly? My B-Tag is Nyctomonger#1908 !

Want to share the thread with others? Throw this link at them: https://tinyurl.com/MGMMR2018
Come roll up an alt for the day on Moon Guard to join the fun, or get in touch with one of our volunteer raid leaders to get in on the Moon Guard realm to be a part of the festivities!

Horde raid leaders

1.) Githnji


Alliance raid leaders

1.) Jeremaias

2.) Kaceys

Here's some stuff from the first Ride-A-Thon.




Here's some stuff from the 2016 years Ride-A-Thon.




Here's some stuff from last year's Ride-A-Thon!



The ✨Motorbike Memorial Ride-A-Thon 2018✨looks like a lot of fun!

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