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So, there's obvious a billion threads of war already, given the whole "High Elf" debate and the San'Layn and Horde doing atrocities and Alliance being meatheads and all that..

But I have an honest suggestion that I think most everyone could get behind.

The Burning Legion's leadership has effectively been dismantled. There are billions of demons roaming around the Twisting Nether with nothing but reckless chaos to guide them, save for what few warlords remain of the Legion's commanders to form their own hordes of minions with.

But this is also an excellent opportunity for mortal summoners, because now they can claim and conquer what was once untouchable under the iron hierarchy of the Legion's command. They can become demonic lords in their own right.

So here is my suggestion: Have a mortal summoner and his followers take control of a Legion force much like the Black Harvest managed to do. Have that warlord become a major character in the Alliance, but make them also be an evil character - Lawful Evil preferably, since that is the most fun evil and it means he manages to stay just within Alliance boundaries enough to stick around even if nobody likes him.

I would actually say Kanrethad makes a good candidate, but that would make his relationship with Jubeka and the other Horde members of the Harvest strained. Granted, this would be fascinating character development among their whole group. The Horde already has the Cleft of Shadows and its long-standing warlock traditions, but the Alliance has never really had much beyond that basement in Stormwind to truly flesh out their dark side. The Black Harvest could round that out a bit.

The ultimate point here is that the Alliance would gain something powerful, but also flawed. The Horde has someone to have fun hating and fighting against because they're a villain that torments and harasses them from behind Alliance protection, giving more legitimate fuel to the war with his diabolical schemes of conquest.

Blizzard wants the Alliance and Horde conflict to have shades of grey and bad on both sides. This would be a much-needed black shade to the Alliance to justify it all. But there is one potential problem with that, I realize.

The trick is that he needs to be Charismatic. Players on both sides need to like him. Alliance players need to give a grin whenever he laughs evilly or does something terrifying, but awesome and in acceptable limits that don't make him the next Garrosh. Horde players need to love fighting him, because he actually does represent everything they hate and fear about the Alliance.

But how can we possibly get a character that is charming enough and evil enough to fill this role?

Kanrethad is established, but I'm sorry to say that I don't like his current voice. His voice too..generic nasally "nyehehehe" kind of villain to really work. Whether you get Kanrethad to be that NPC or not, you need a new voice and solid writing that will make people love the new character.

Here's my suggestion for that. Who here remembers Command and Conquer? That RTS series about a Global Defense force against a terrorist cult obsessed with a crystalline resource capable of generating tons of power but also being dangerous to the planet as a whole called Tiberium?

Remember Kane?

In the GDI campaign, he's a lovable villain to fight against as he taunts you and goes on about how he is the future. In the Nod campaign, he is charismatic and devoted and awesome to watch.

Blizzard, please consider finding whatever hole Joe Kucan disappeared to after Tiberium Twilight and pull him out of it to take on this new role. He's a solid actor and deserves work after EA mishandled his character spectacularly. Whether he's the new Kanrethad or some new character, I would love to see Kane come to the Alliance and shake things up with the faction war by forming a warlock cult and summoning demon armies for us.

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