Is there a class you have multiple of?

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Mage, three, not counting this bank alt.
Druid, two, will be three when Kul'tirans are playable.
Paladin, two, will be three if blizz wises up and adds the class to Zandalari.
Warlock, three.
Demon Hunter, two, but I may get rid of one.
05/05/2018 12:28 PMPosted by Xiatakinz
My favourite class in this game is Druid. I have 3 @ 110 currently.

This is my Alliance Guardian Druid, I have a Night Elf Resto Druid & then a Troll Resto Druid(considering making her Feral in BFA).


2 Warlocks @110
2 Hunters @110
8 other classes @110 as well.
Shaman, one on each faction. I did have a Tauren pally I leveled to 90 with the Legion launch event who I eventually leveled to the mid 100s before he was scrapped.
At 110 I have;

3 Hunters
3 Paladins
2 Death Knights
2 Mages
2 Priests
2 Rogues
2 Shaman
2 Warriors

1 each of the reaming classes.
BM hunter don't know exact number but most of my alts and my main are BM hunters.
I have...

5 Priests at 110.
3 DH's at 110.
2 DK's at 110.
And soon to be 2 locks at 110.
Yes, I have multiple multiples. I even have two hunters on the same server (because it used to be expensive and hard to have a second spec and I wanted different professions as well).
I have 87 toons across 10 accounts so yes...I have more than one of each. I have over 2 dozen level 100s and 7 level 110s
at 110, i have two rogues, druids, paladins and mages.

i have three low level paladins, more than any other class i have other low level alts for.

and then several [9+] death knight name squatters on various realms --but none of those were ever logged onto
My alliance main and Horde main are hunters, a Draenei and troll respectively

But I’ve got blood elves for both those classes, the hunter at 90 which I made in MoP and the pally at 100 which I played until WoD, when I made my Draenei and started playing both factions.
Two druids and I rather not say exactly how many mages...
I plan on leveling another druid Horde when Zandalari come out. And if Vulpera are ever playable, I'll be rolling another rogue as well. Other than that, it kind of bothers me to have multiple of one class, I don't like being differently geared for the same specs across characters. It's silly, sure, but a peeve nonetheless.
I got about a million Priests.

Used to love playing Priests until the mechanics changed to that void stuff so I don't play them much anymore.

I went through a DK phase for a while so I had a bunch of those.

Now I seem to be stacking Monks, Warlocks and DHs.

I guess it's because the race/class combinations I'd like to play just don't exist lol.

Eight years and I still can't pick a main :P
Lots of DKs (Mained DK in WoD)
DH's as many as I could make per account
Lots of Druids (at least 8)
Some Priests (I went overboard and should have went with more druids)
Some Hunters (4 / more)
At least 3 pallies at max

Mages (4/more)
2 shams etc.
2 monks I hardly play

Did the Legion get every class to 110 thing. I am loving DK, Druid then DH mostly for tanking.
I have multiple priests and throughout my time in WoW I have leveled more priests than any other class, by far. IMO it's always been a really fun class.
I have duplicates or triplicates of most of the original classes, largely as relics from a time when switching specs was non-trivial and it was easier to just have 1 char per spec.

The only characters that don’t have a dupe are two of the “new” classes (DK and DH), both of which still need leveling. I have no monks - to me, the class has always felt weird and out of place in this game, so they always end up deleted shortly after creation.
Maybe the paladin, but it's more because I am rolling a new toon on a different server.

On SW:TOR however, I can say that every time I return to that MMO, I would always create a new Jedi Knight because the story is incredible. Levelling and reliving the story is really nice in that game.
05/05/2018 12:58 PMPosted by Solistrae
All at 110. And most because hey. if 24 gold making order hall charas can do it, so can 30+

3 Warlocks
3 Paladins
3 DHs
3 Warriors
3 DKs
4 Rogues
2 Priests
2 Druids
2 Shamans (Though this might go to 4 depending on DiD and the new Trolls)
2 Monk
4 Hunter (3 at 110, and 1 at 95)
4 Mages

... Is finding resource gathering to be quite the chore now though...

There is this wonderful thing, it's called outside . You should try it
Rogue on each side to open boxes.
5 hunters, 3 rogues, 2 paladins, 2 priests, 2 mages (I don't even like mages).

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