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This is mine / my forever main since I started playing back in 2009.

961. Though, I haven't been playing her since I got my AoTC for Argus. After many expansions I learned gear you earn at the end of an expansion is a waste as you replace it so fast while leveling... so I ditched her until BFA. I mostly level/play alts now.
This is mine :)
my highest is 945.
Arwenna is my main at 950. I have 4 characters at 950 and this character is 951. I lost my focus on harder(heroic raiding or better) content when my significant other passed away.
Oh hey that's me!
My highest is 961, he would have a higher ilvl, but the dam cof is bringing him down :(
*shrug* It's not that important to me. I breath on stuff, it dies, my gear is good enough.
05/06/2018 08:25 AMPosted by Xialla
*shrug* It's not that important to me. I breath on stuff, it dies, my gear is good enough.

Have you thought about trying a different mouthwash?
This boi at 940.

I stopped caring pretty much as soon as Antorus dropped, honestly. Too much fel green everywhere for me to actually give a damn. I'm focusing more on leveling a couple of alts and figuring out how I'm gonna tackle BfA when it drops.
This girl, ilvl 935. I don't raid or do anything beyond LFR and +0 Mythics. So I don't really care to go higher, this level is more than enough for me.
I have 3 a 980, and one at 970
My priest is 955 bag ilvl ,

Extremely lucky with drops like opening week launch- first emissary legendary.
Never raided other than heroic kiljaeden to get the challenge skin unlocked
this is mine...gear at 948, lvl 86 on weapon...i am good with that lol
I'm an altoholic. Entered at the beginning of Legion and spent the entire expansion leveling up alts for order hall gold rewards so I could afford my subscription. Stayed away from mythics and LFR.

I'm the best I've got.
In ret i am 966, but it's not super accurate since i have had to pass up on a lot of gear and swap out high IL items for items that are better, i mean yeah I'm rocking a 940 scourgewimg, but man i would rather have that than the 950 vitality resonator i have in my bag

As well i just got the pantheon trinket for tanks so thats making my prot dip quite a bit
963 with Sharas'dal. I'm the best healer around.
973-974 depending on setup but its a bit lower than what it should reflect because of arcano dragging my ilvl down slightly.
977 equipped. goml.
Carrot chasers unite!
I'm pretty much going to stagnate here since our raids are on hiatus at this point (and I don't like pugging, I get serious performance anxiety around strangers).

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