Warlock/Shadow/DK/Pali, All Geared Pick one

Guild Recruitment
Blood DK, Looking for guild that raids 2-3 Nights a week,
Available Any night/Day
Current exp is 6/11M

Been Tanking for 13 years not all on blood obviously. Have raided at every level of play from top 50 to casual. Top 50 was with Uprising/overture During pandaland 4 of the 5 tiers.

Left my current guild Ardent, Because they had terrible raid attendance and had to constantly pug players.

Contact me here or at Fuzzy#12798

If your guild has no need for Blood/Unholy DK I do play Pali/Priest/Lock.

<murlocs> (murlocs.com) @ Mal'ganis [H] is currently recruiting for both weekly Raid Groups and NYC-based monthly meet-up events! New members are welcome to be involved in both or either community, and attending meet-ups does not affect raider status or vice-versa.

We're striving to bring back the strong social community aspect of gameplay both in game and real life which has been lost in the age of LFR and cross-server pugging.

Currently, we do weekly heroic clears for re-gearing alts/players coming back. You're welcome to come along!

High Priority:
- Raid healer (resto shaman, resto druids) - 930 ilvl
- Range dps with 935 ilvl 70 traits

Medium Priority:
- Any 930 ilvl / 75 traits players looking to do weekly heroic clears

Open Recruitment:
We are open to anyone wanting to join our community. It's open recruitment for BFA, and our murloc community.

Feel free to reach out to me (ev0#1934) for an invite or more info!

Guild Website: https://murlocs.com
Raid times: Tues-Weds 8:15-11:15pm EST
Hi there! We are looking for a third tank for Argus progression and would be interested in having a chat with you!

Some about us: Immortality (Alliance-Stormrage) is a day one guild founded on November 23, 2004. Since then, we have been raiding the top content with stability and a mindset geared towards progression. Raiding positions are earned through merit and it is a goal of our roster to keep all of our raiders competitive.

Current Progression: 10/11M ABT
Raid times: M, T, W @ 8pm-11pm EST
Optional Heroic/Alt Run Sunday Evenings

If you're interested in learning more, please add me on bnet or discord at WitchyWich#1440 or drop an application at our website (http://immortality-sc.enjin.com/recruitment). Hope to hear from you soon!
[teamLUST], Mal'ganis Horde- is a 3 day a week raiding guild.
Our times:
Tuesday/Thursday/Monday: 7:30PM - 11:30PM CST
Optional Wednesday Raid: Starting 8:30PM CST Heroic Farm/Alt Raid.

Current Progress: 10/11M, 8/9M, 10/10M, 2/3M, 7/7M

Here's our recruitment post:

Here's our guild site:

You can get in touch with us:
Bnet- Valythe#1677, Discord- Valythe#9674
Bnet- Druiman#1421, Discord- Druiman#9501
Bnet- Muse#1836, Discord- Muse#3986
Hi there Fuzzy! I'm the guild master and raider leader for Always Triggered on the Alliance side of Sargeras. We're currently 9/11M with multiple sub-1% wipes on Agrammar. We're currently looking for a blood DK and I feel that you may be a good fit.

If you're interested add me on battle.net (Twill#1288) or discord (Twill#5927) and we can talk. I'll post the guild information below for you take a look at.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Guild Copy-Pasta

<Always Triggered> Sargeras (Alliance)

T/W/TH from 8 - 11 PM Central Standard Time

About Us:
- We're an easy-going but progression-oriented guild. We laugh and joke around but we take our raiding serious and expect you to as well.
- We have a tight-knit community with an active discord.
- Loot is distributed via loot council.
- We run high (15+) mythic keystones, with a number of high mythic+ score players in guild.

Our Wow Progress

Contact Information:
GM: Twill#1288
Officers: Diel#11525, Kat#7301
Councilor: Canadianbacon#4769, DAVAX#1243
Hello Friend,
Going to try and keep this nice and short.

Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

8/11M Antorus

8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you =)

Our goal as a guild for Antorus is Cutting edge Mythic.

Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ
05/08/2018 03:07 PMPosted by Fuzzyblooddk
We are <alone> a long time raiding guild on aerie-peak, we are looking to recruit for a casual non-stress raid team that's working towards mythic. We are rebuilding after taking a break, recruiting like minded individuals to clear content as much as we can. Casual shouldn't be synonymous for bad, we strive to be best we can with our limited play time.

We raid Friday & Saturday, 5.30 - 8.30 server time (8.30 - 11.30 EST)
We are currently 5/11 M Antorus, 11/11 H Antorus

We will provide

Currently looking for ilevel 960+ for Friday and Saturday Mythic raids.

Loot System
We currently use RC loot council as our loot system

Currently recruiting
All spots are open

Apply at aloneguild.com
or Contact any of us
Kaylii#1948 (bnet)/ Kaylii#5028 (discord)
Rachel#1391 (bnet)/ Rachel#3325 (discord)
Kelza#1446 (bnet)/ Kelz#1428 (discord)
Amateur Night is a semi-hardcore raiding guild, located on US - Ursin HORDE, brought together by a common goal of pushing challenging content while maintaining an enjoyable, community atmosphere.

Raid Progress in just over a year:
2/7M EN
3/3H ToV
4/10M NH
5/9M ToS
Currently: 11/11H 9/11M
We are a guild of working adults with families. Because of that, obligations outside of the game will always take precedence. We simply ask that good communication be practiced.

We're looking for experienced raiders with a team first and friendly attitude. Currently, we have two raid groups that work together with the guild's progress overall being our main focus.

(Mythic)"Helmuts-R-Us"-raids Wed-Thurs 8pm-11pm Est (9/11M)

(Heroic)"Sewer Circle"-raids Mon-Wed 10pm-12am Est (11/11H)- on a break-

(Normal)"A Little Iffy" raids- Monday 9pm-12am Est NEW RAID TEAM (11/11N)

(Casual Tuesdays) Heroic Raids- Tues 7-10pm Est

APPLY TODAY ON: https://amateurnightguild.enjin.com/

-Mythic Recruiting-
Range DPS- (Spriest/Mage/Hunter)
Melee DPS- (DK/Warrior/Feral/Enh/Ret)
Tank- (No monks. Bdk high priority)
Healer- (Shaman)

All exceptional players still more then welcome to join! Dont be shy!

If you are looking for great people to play with, we are the right fit for you. In addition to raiding, we do Mythic + almost everyday of the week.

For more information about the guild or if you're interested in joining our ranks, contact Emmieana(Guild Master) btag: Stickycow#1390 or Nahlemz/Moonbeaner (Guild Recruiter) btag: Polarbear#1688

See you in game!
05/10/2018 02:53 AMPosted by Fuzzyblooddk
05/08/2018 03:07 PMPosted by Fuzzyblooddk
You'd be a perfect fit for our 9/11M Team, contact me or any of the following below.


Rigged of US-Thrall is a highly established Mythic/Heroic raiding guild currently running 5 raid teams all under one roof. Any and all players are encouraged to apply from a casual to a skilled level as we always have highly active players running Mythic+, hanging out in discord, or raiding. We take pride in the large community we have built within the server and with BFA on the horizon, the level of activity within the guild increases each day. Rigged offers players the guild they've been searching for with endless activities taking place every day and being a long term home for players who want to raid along with having a great social experience in the game. Come join the Raiding Sanctuary!

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/Adp8fms

Raid Teams:

Mythic Raiding Team - 9/11M
8:00-11:00 ET Tues/Wed/Thurs

Current Needs: 1 Tank, Any DPS/Heals

Mythic Raiding Team - 6/11M
9:30-12:00 ET Tues/Thurs

Current Needs: Any DPS

Heroic Raiding Team - 11/11H
9:00-12:00 ET Tues/Wed

Current Needs: Any DPS/Heals

Heroic Raiding Team - 11/11H
8:00-11:00 ET Tues/Wed

Current Needs: Any DPS/Heals

Mythic Raiding Team - 2/11M
9:00-12:00 ET Fri/Sat

Current Needs: Any RDPS

How to Trial: Trial Process for our teams is determined based on the raid leaders feelings as to whether or not you fit with their group on top of showing how well you can perform. With that being said, all raiders should come prepared, display a good attitude towards the team, and the game as we are here to have fun but progress at a steady rate. RC Loot Council is required for all 5 raid teams.

Note: Despite what our current needs for our teams are, all DPS/Heals are encouraged to apply whatever class it may be. We do however want to recruit more players to run Mythic+ with. You are not required to raid in order to join, anyone is welcome!**

Sylvanas Streamer:

Alexstrasza Streamer:

Ramrod Streamer:

Primetime Streamer:

Flavortown Streamers:

Ready to apply? Join our discord link posted down below to apply for one of our teams or join as a member!

If you would like to know more information/details feel free to contact me on discord @ Dark#6741 or any of the following on bnet, Vellichor#11559, Combo#11897, Jromero#1547, Halazar#11893.
Website: https://discord.gg/Adp8fms
The <Ante Meridiem> AM Raid Team raids from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm EST on Thursday, Friday, and Monday on Stormrage, Alliance. We are a mythic team that's been raiding since Vanilla and are the top daytime raiding guild in our time slot.

Medium = Actively recruiting, however, only looking for key individuals
Low = Not actively recruiting, but open to highly skilled / geared raiders


Low - Paladin
Low - Druid
Low - Death Knight
Low - Warrior
Low - Monk
Low - Demon Hunter


Low - Paladin
Low - Priest
Medium - Monk
Low- Druid
Low - Shaman


High - Priest
Low - Warlock
Low - Mage
Low - Druid
Medium - Shaman


Medium- Druid
Low - Rogue
Low - Warrior
Low - Hunter
Low- Paladin
Medium - Shaman
Medium - Death Knight
Medium - Monk
Medium - Demon Hunter

Important Information:
If interested please submit an app, on amwow.net following the recruitment links.
After applying on our guild site, you MUST check back on your post daily for a response. We will often ask questions about your application, and we schedule our discord interviews via the site.

We are only looking for candidates that can and will commit to our three-day schedule. If you can not commit to our raiding schedule, we will not accept your application.
Hey, Rofl was supposed to talk to you or did talk to you or something? I'm not really sure but if you're still interested in Criminal you can add me at Kiolvor#1715
<Meters Over Mechanics> is a mythic guild located on US - Dragonblight. Founded September 2017 by a group of close friends and former raiders - MOM aims to push challenging content on a lighter schedule while maintaining a fun but serious raiding culture.

We are always recruiting like minded individuals to join us who possess the desire and motivation to perform at a high level while leaving the elitist attitude at the door. We are primarily looking for RDPS but ALL classes and specs are encouraged to reach out.

We are looking forward to hearing from you to discuss potential raiding opportunities!

Urgent Needs:
1 Healer - Shaman, priest
Tank - Blood DK > Guardian Druid > Brewmaster.

Recent Progression:
4/9M ToS - Within 3 raid weeks
8/11M (Server First AOTC) Antorus - Started Mythic on Jan 8th - 28% coven wipes sub 30 attempts

Raid times:
  • Monday: 8-11 EST
  • Tuesday: 8-11 EST
  • Wednesday: 8-11 EST
  • Contact info:
  • Btag: Crayonz#1696
  • Discord: Crayonz#8117

  • Performance Supporting Logs:
    https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/304797 https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/dragonblight/Meters+Over+Mechanics
    05/15/2018 02:48 PMPosted by Fuzzyblooddk
    [US][H][Thunderhorn] 11/11H <Optimal Baddies> is recruiting to start mythic!

    Are you bored with not dying all the time? Then join Optimal Baddies and find yourself so engrossed in guild chat that you'll be running off cliffs and pulling 20 mobs at once in no time! Recommended by 4 out of 5 Spirit Healers.

    Jokes aside we are a semi hardcore raiding guild looking to be a top tier guild on Thunderhorn that is lead by a 6/11M Mythic raider.

    Raid times are as follows.

    Tuesday - 8PM-10:30PM Server

    Wednesday - 8PM-10:30PM Server

    We ask that you maintain a 90% attendance if at all possible, We understand that real life happens but we are looking to progress very quickly also.

    For loot we use RCLootcouncil and take into account tenure,performance and attendance.



    We are currently recruiting all classes and roles, currently there is no Item Level requirement if you are willing to learn and grow, we will support you.

    Please message myself (Goldfish#1198) if interested.
    Hey! I've sent you a battleTag request aswell, but just a bit on the guild! My tag is Malitia#11145. Hope to hear from you soon!

    My guild is seeking a tank for for our team.

    We are currently on Mythic Argus; (we have a flex tank already, so this would be a MT spot. Any DPS os is a huge bonus though). Our best pull is ~25% (first module and gazes after the mass rez).

    Little bit about the guild:
    Sundered - Alleria / Khadgar [A PvE]
    Current progression: 10/11M ABT
    Raid times: T/Th/Sun 8 - 11pm EST

    Outside of raid, we have an alt / casual run on Saturday evening through Heroic. Sundays before raid (if the interest is there), we run the last 2 bosses in M Nighthold for the Guldan mount. We also have many players who like to do Mythic plus keys and push higher ones aswell.
    Many of us also play other games, such as Hearthstone, Heroes, Overwatch, PUBG, Fortnite and many more!

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