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Crave on Horde US-Zu'jin is recruiting competent members for current M Argus progression and going forward into BFA. We are a guild that focuses on having fun while still managing to maintain a relatively competitive raid schedule.

Raid Schedule:
Progression nights are 8:00-11:00pm EST on Tues/Wed/Thurs.
There are also optional off-raid nights to clear heroic/old content throughout the week.

Recruitment Needs:
(High) - Any ranged DPS (even more priority if you have a heal offspec)
(Medium) - Resto Druid/Resto Shaman
(Low) - Melee DPS/Tanks

As always, any competitive player will be considered as we are trying to keep the roster in the best shape possible. If you feel you are exceptional at your class/spec feel free to apply even if you are not under the high/medium priority.

About Us:
Crave is a friendly guild that prides itself in managing to stay relatively competitive in server rank. Drama isn't tolerated and you will be shown the door if you decide to cause trouble. We are currently 10/11M and have been working on Argus for over a moth. We have multiple sub 3% wipes (even a 0.01% wipe) and need a few people to push that last bit.

If you are interested in a spot on the team contact myself (Skint#11331) or GM Hexiled(Tyler#1707) and fill out an application on our discord at
Echelon is recruiting!!!

Affliction Warlock & Resto Druid OR Resto Shaman

10/11 M-ABT : P3 Argus

NA-Horde ~ Skullcrusher-BDF-Gul'Dan

8 hour raid week ~ Tues & Thurs ~ 8pm to 12am EST

Officer Contacts: Jordan#1302 (BNET) or Jordan#4276 (Discord), Taters#1520 (BNET), Ferro, Distinctive#1680 (BNET)

You may also message me MICHELE#0018 (Discord) for questions


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