Potential catchup in the BFA Prestige System

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Ok, so as we discussed yesterday, it's going to sum up all of our current HP to determine our accountwide Prestige level. It seems likely that the Prestige levels will match the Legion Prestige levels 1:1 up to 26* (the Legion max), after that each subsequent prestige level will take longer to reach, similar to the Paragon system in Diablo.

It occurs to me, though, that with all the rewards currently implemented up through 26, Blizzard is going to be compelled to provide a "catchup" mechanism for returning players or those who didn't PVP in Legion. But since they're going to stagger HP requirements from 27 onward, there's something else they could do:

A huge jump.

For example:
26 Requires 44k HP
27 Requires 176k HP
28 Requires 180k HP (the gradual increase requirement is kicking in here)
29 Requires 185k HP

But Kalcheus! (you say) That'll take forever! It will ... if they don't up the HP rewards at the same time. However, if you multiply all the rewards by 4 (in this example - so where currently you'd earn 100 HP from a PVP activity, you'd earn 400) as of BFA, it'll take the same amount of time to reach 27 as it did 26.

This does a few things:
1) Keeps the Prestige grind relatively the same as the new system, as your prestige growth will feel the same (altho a little longer each subsequent prestige level)

2) Provides catchup for new/returning players; they'll get up to 26 much faster with the 4x multiplier

3) Mostly prevents stockpiling HP in anticipation of immediately unlocking Prestige 27 and forward; this is something Blizzard has been big on in Legion


Of course, there's another possibility, and that's to reduce the Prestige rewards starting with 27. For example: 27 would give us Artifact Power, 28 would give us gold, 29 would give us Artifact Power, and then 30 gives us a new pet or mount or whatever. In this case you wouldn't have a huge jump but would keep the 4x multiplier of reward to assist with catchup (and the "best" Prestige rewards would come every 4 Prestige levels). This wouldn't prevent stockpiling, but at the same time since the rewards aren't as prestigious (until 30) it wouldn't give stockpilers a huge advantage.

I'm honestly not sure what system Blizzard would want to use. The former keeps the Prestige style similar to what we have now, while the latter rolls up the Honor Level rewards that we're losing into a Prestige reward - but at the cost of Prestige level being seen as less prestigious.


Anyway, that's all I have to say about that.

*this is a virtual max, the actual max is 25+50 levels

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