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934ilvl Frost DK, but it is all PVP gear. I quit after NH raiding on my warrior. I was 8/10M, I want to get back into raiding, preferably on my DK, but it is just going to take some gearing up, which shouldn't take long.
Hey there Shrexx,

Gear is easy - skill is different :) If you're interested in Horde-side at all, we should chat!

We're a casual guild with a laid-back atmosphere. We are a mixed group of old-school players, 'new school' players, formerly hardcore raiders and formerly (and still) casuals. YES we are recruiting for raiding, but you will also see there are constantly things going on from mythics, trinket runs, arena and all that jazz. :)

Raidwise, we raid 8-12pm EST Tuesdays and Fridays. Currently 3/11 on heroic. Sundays we generally reserve for PVP and Mondays are 'Mythic Mondays', otherwise it's a free for all and there's generally people online to group up and if nothing else, bs on discord a bit. We have fun :)

We hope to hear from you, but if not, good luck!!
~ Abs (Feel free to add Saxx#1747 on R-ID and chat!)
Hey Shrexx! I'm Teranidas, GM for Monkey Patrol. I just wanted to say hey and put our name out in your hunt for a Guild! We are a casual guild full of members of varying raiding and gaming backgrounds. Some of us have been around for awhile, some are new, some of us are raiders from way back in the day, some are new to that arena. Gear level and personal skill are never an issue in our recruiting, we just like to build a community to have fun and and enjoy the game with.

Our raid times are Wednesday/Sunday at 7 P.M. Central Time, and we are currently starting to push Heroic Antorus (though we do run normal weekly). If you wanna add Chaos#1649 I would be more than happy to field questions!

Have a good one, and wherever you end up, may it be a good fit!
Hello, we are a new guild formed by friends who can no longer raid on the weekdays due to real life. We are a mature guild recruiting all 110's interested in forming a raid team to start raiding in BFA. We also like to push m+ keys and pvp. We like to have fun on the weekend's while still pushing content. Drinking while raiding is not uncommon, so we ask that everyone be mature and 18+ due to language in chat. Freedom of speech is valuable to our guild, so guild banter is supported as long as everyone can be mature about things. 

We are currently recruiting for officer positions and all positions and classes for raiding. Our focus is to have a raid team ready for BFA. We also need some solid m+ players who want to push 15+ keys, and sell keys as well. We are willing to help gear alts or newer players who want to learn and have fun with us. 

Future raid times as of now will be:
Fri - 8-10pm central (m+ from 11-1am)
Sat- 8-10pm central (m+ from 11-1am)
Sun- possible alt raid, run keys, or pvp. Guild will vote on this. 

In the future we would like to have dedicated players who are focused on pushing into mythic raiding as a guild. We will not consider ourselves "semi-hardcore" until we have a roster that will be dedicated to raid times and being prepared for raids. Come help us grow as we build our ranks for the future. 

If you are active on weekends and want to push content while having fun, give us a shot. We have discord available.

Contact me @ Brocef#1364
Or other GM @ Boomer#12954
We are a mostly 30+ year old crowd with the core leadership having served in the military together. In our first guild run ( 17 Feb) we managed to clear 7/11H.

Ideal ilvl for trials is listed below and can provide us with logs:
Mythics is at 960
Heroics ideally 930 but exceptions can be made.

Accepting X realm trials however after the recruitment process is over they are expected to transfer.

We are currently 11/11H & 1/11 M

Being a semi casual weekend guild it is better if players know their OS as well. Here is our most pertinent needs:
Shadow Priest + Heal OS
Ele Sham + Heal OS
DPS Druid + Either OS
Ret + Either OS
DK + Blood OS

Those listed are our most pertinent needs. However if you can back with logs that youre an exceptional player we will consider you

We raid Fri & Sat 10pm-1:30am EST.
Fri Heroic Clear. Sat Mythic Progression.

Contacts are: Akishmi#1849 and Sevein#11465

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