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Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!
You didn't fix scaling so we can't test in smaller groups. A group of 13's adds have the same health as a group of 30. Literally impossible to even attempt this boss with a serious strat.
11/11M Guild logs:

  • Certain class mobility abilities (Warrior, DH, Monk, Demonic Gateway) can near-trivialize the upstairs portion.
  • Adds feel overtuned (for 15 players), getting more Terror spawns before we can kill the first set, and requires a lot of people doing the up-phase at the same time.

Update: We had more success by ensuring more players got the damage buff, reducing the number of players running upstairs, and optimizing kicks, but it still feels like a size-scaling problem. As far as I've seen, there are the same number of Terrors regardless of group size, which means more players = more DPS & interrupts, without increasing their health all that much. The few bigger group (25-30) size streams I watched after we finished had significantly less issue with the phase.
Outside of tuning issues, how are small groups supposed to handle the orbs? The only way to get up to the platforms in a reasonable amount of time is to rotate blinks and abilities that reduce the effect of slows like hand of freedom.

It’s cool that these abilities are getting used in a raid but a 10m group won’t have many of them.

Edit: see you can damage the cysts to reduce the size of the slowing ground. Still though, smaller groups will have less speed boosts and won’t be able to do it as fast.
For those of you having issues with smaller group sizes, do you have logs that you can provide?
Logs with 13-14 ppl:

11/11M group, seemed impossible to keep up with the interrupts in a small raidsize (same on the other boss btw). Boss seemed to melee extremely hard in p2. Is it intended that you can reduce the size of the slow things upstairs prepull? Feels pretty dumb that you can get an advantage by spending 30s prepull downsizing them.
Here is a log of 15 players
We tested with a larger group (about 25).

Classes with lots of movement cd's are crazy good for the upper portion - on our last pull of the testing we actually pushed into p2 without spawning the second Dark Young. Monks, DH's, Druids, Mages, etc all seem good, but WW/BRM monks and DH's seem especially broken for it.

For a higher group size, everything was manageable. After only a couple of pulls we could consistently keep adds killed without issue. I also ended up swapping to BrM since trying to tank the Dark Young's as a DK was just dumb. Their massive crash does 75% of my health pool on a DK, or I can just come on monk where it does sub 20% of my hp pool, but I also dodge it 55% of the time since it's apparently dodge-able for some reason.

Gahuun seems very overtuned. The tank damage was absolutely massive, and we could barely make it through with 2 BrM's. We also tried tanking him with DK and Veng DH, both of which would just get obliterated by his auto attacks. Our DH (with demon spikes active) took 70% of his health in 1.6 seconds from 2 autos the one pull he was still on DH when we got the boss out. As 2xBrM we could do it by swapping at 8-10 stacks, but even that was crazy scary. Way too much damage for a heroic boss.

The wave the Gahuun does is just too much damage. The farthest we made it was when we tanked Gahuun up top where our ranged could sit down below and attack him, and then they never got hit by any waves since they were under them. This will really be the only viable strat unless there's a way to make the waves dodgeable some how, or at least tune the damage. With another hour we probably could have killed it, but we didn't figure out the positioning until the last couple of pulls.

I imagine this is probably way too hard in lower group sizes if the number of tentacles isn't way down; we barely had enough interrupts/stuns to keep all of the tentacles down. Also there is some nuance to keeping the 25% damage amp rolling on half the raid at once, since if everyone takes it there can be periods where you fall behind on adds when people lose it.
He's really small, what happened to this?
Why is he so small? He's like 2 taurens stacked on each other when in the art he was bigger than the damn Titans.
As the tank, you can get punted by the big dudes and end up stuck in terrain. I'm talking about those formations that kind of look like long fingers that grow up from the ground, next to the walls.

I should also note that I was completely avoiding the punt on my Prot Paladin occasionally, both the damage and the knockback. I'm assuming this is if I fully block the attack, or something. I'm not sure if that behaviour is intended.
Mind chatter damage from the blood feast add is either way higher on a base level than what the dungeon journal suggests or completely bugged in some other way. In a 26-man raid with everyone cleansing 2 putrid blood stacks so a total of 52 stacks, mind chatter did 55k damage to everyone in the entire raid and by using the dungeon journal numbers this doesn't add up since according to my numbers it should have done 36k at the very maximum resulting from the 260% damage boost granted by the putrid blood stack cleansing.
you should consider making "undulating mass" root targets and if the amorphus cyst that causes your root is damaged, simply make it lift the root for 2s or so.

just to avoid a single player soloing that thing

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