Kagarot, you touched a great many lives

Borean Tundra and Shadowsong
WE found out today that you passed while in the Philippines living life. You had the opportunity to winter in Costa Rica last year, and decided to see the other side of the world this year. You always had a way of making a friend wherever you went. If you spent more than 5 minutes with someone they were your friend. You would do anything for anyone, you were a member of the guild for many years, you were a member of Catalyst, BuggsKillSquad, Execution, Tyrants, and finally Fates Call. I am sure there will be many that remember you, I know a great many in guild certainly will. You were an interesting man, you were older than me, and to look at you, former trucker, biker, mountain man, one would never suspect you were a gamer.

Farewell my friend, I am happy that you had an opportunity to see parts of the world many will not, to swim in oceans in different continents, eat food we can hardly pronounce, and you lived life to the fullest.

RIP Kagarot
I remember doing some sort of pug raid back in Wrath and Kagarot was in the group, raiding with us from some McDonalds parking lot or something on wifi and they told him to leave, he drove around for 20 minutes or so to come back and tell us he couldn't continue.


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