[A]Rogue LF Guild

Hello all, I boosted this character two to three weeks ago. It is my first Alliance toon, and I'm looking for a guild to hang out with and possibly raid.

My availability is Wednesday-Friday 5PM EST to whenever, although I'm online for at least a few hours every day of the week.

I'm currently 923, although that's going up every week. I have 11/11 Normal ABT experience and everything up to Coven in Heroic experience on my Horde side characters.

I'm specced and have put most of my AP into Outlaw, but I'm working on Assassination as well, I am averaging about 1.3mil burst dps, and 850-900k sustained. Unfortunately because it is basically a new character I don't have logs to link, but on my paladin at the beginning of ABT ( my guild stopped raiding a few months ago) I had 80th percentile logs for both healing and DPS, so I promise I know what I'm doing.

Currently I'm not looking for a hard core raiding guild who is pushing mythic or anything like that, just some cool peeps to hang with and raid, maybe push for Curve and just have a good time.

(If you're checking my armory, i haven't bothered enchanting or gemming anything because i'm in the process of replacing and optimizing gear, but I will be doing that shortly.)

Anyway, thanks for the consideration, and hopefully we can hang out together soon.

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