11/11M Group offering Heroic Antorus!!!!

Nazgrel, Nesingwary, and Vek'nilash
We are the top Alliance sale group in North America with over 600 Heroic Argus kills, and members comprised of 11/11M guilds. Our runs are organized, streamed, and done in a quick, professional manner.

When we run:

Heroic Argus- Daily, starting at approx 3pm EST and ending around 10.

Full Heroic Clear-Fri/Sat starting at 11pm EST and ending approx 1am. Sunday starting at 9pm EST and ending approx 11pm. These are BOOKED EARLY!!!


What you get:

Heroic Argus- <Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker> achievement, your Violet Spellwing mount(done by just turning in the quest in Dalaran you get after the kill), and a chance at 955+ ivl loot and legendary trinkets!

Full Clear- You will get 11/11 Heroic bosses on personal loot with 945+ilvl, with at least 1 member of our team being able to trade you items they get of the same armor class(plate/leather/mail/cloth) as well.

Price- We accept GOLD ONLY!!! No other forms of payment will be considered. We will accept gold on any server, but these are the prices for Nazgrel/Nesingwary/Vek'nilash

Heroic Argus-200k
Full Heroic Clear-600k

Do you offer mythic runs? Yes, however these runs are booked at least 2 weeks in advance. Shoot me a message if you're interested in mythic.

I'm a bit nervous about trading gold, what assurances do I have? If you request it, an in-game agreement will be typed up for you to take a screenshot of, as well as you having access to the seller's btag. We have done over 600 runs, and aren't in the scamming business.

Who do I get in touch with? Add my btag-Kworzack#1809, or send an in game mail/tell to Thorzack-Vek'nilash.

I look forward to hearing from you!!!!
These guys are legit, did an Argus carry on my priest with them. Super nice, and they somehow destroyed the boss in less than 10 min carrying 15 people. Worth the gold, would def come back.
Just did a Heroic Argus kill with them a short while ago. It went insanely smoothly. The DPS that mythic raiders are capable of putting out is crazy (the shadow priest and frost mage both topped 3m before phase 4). My job was #1: Die to first void cone. #2 collect Mario balls. Loot was +74 relic (was using +67) and 955 hat (bonus roll, was using 930). Woo. I have far too many alts so I'll be back many times. (This run was on my hunter, Idle, btw.) Thumbs up!
Great run, everything as advertised, Thumbs Up!
Just did a Heroic Argus kill, went incredibly smooth. Highly recommend, great group!
I did an Argus kill a few days ago and will admit that this group is really great! Highly recommend for any who still need to get in the Argus run!
Just did a Heroic Argus kill was very fast and well organized . i would for sure use again and would recommend anyone considering to speak with Kworzack.
Awesome group to run with. Myself, husband, and Brother all used this group.

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