Does Ythisens actively play the game?

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05/16/2018 03:36 PMPosted by Mirasol
I really like Yth too, but that is not fair to the other CMs. They love the game too and are very involved, but not all of them are as comfy talking about things as candidly as Yth is. Different styles for different folks. The conventional wisdom for a long time was to keep things on the public front "professional" - which to some can mean distant of impersonal, but that seems to be changing, at least for some individuals.

Different CMs definitely have different styles. I'm very comfortable talking about the game and my personal experiences. I mean I've been extremely active in the game now for almost half of my life at this point.

05/16/2018 03:38 PMPosted by Idun
I just noticed Ythisen's head nods! *dies from cute*

*slow nod*

05/16/2018 04:07 PMPosted by Avihindra
WHAT!!!!! not even close to the real question, which is.....

Coke or Pepsi?

Please I'm from Texas the only answer is Dr.Pepper.
I remember those! I always thought those were really cool. Maybe we could bring those back in the future, never know! Blizzard has changed so much since those were a thing it might be interesting.

Yes, they should do those again. Very interesting to see "a day in the life of" people who work so hard to give us game. I loved the behind the scenes vids at Blizzcon - how the whole process works for you all to get this game to Live, what's all needed back there to keep it all humming along.

05/15/2018 07:57 PMPosted by Vixie
Where did you go or will go for vacation this year?

Zandalari. Probably back home to visit family. I'm not a big vacation person really so I usually take time off and stay home to play games. The nice thing about living in SoCal is that you can take a day off and spend it at the beach, or someplace like Disneyland.

I get it. Living in a "resort" area (I'm in Hawaii), I get asked that question from mainland people. Staying home in paradise is cool but it's just home. I go to Vegas or Japan! Someplace totally different. XD

ps. Dr. Pepper is the bestest
I don't know if there are any plans like that. Generally when we say something is being removed at the end we don't bring that reward back. On one hand I'd love to get my missing sets, I only got 4 of them, but I feel like we shouldn't detract their prestige or value. Never know what the future holds though but I would doubt we make those obtainable again. (inb4 25 page MMO Champion thread about how I announced they're coming back)
I understand the points of being keeping prestige and value.

My perspective is this: I consider the effort, time spent and such to attain such rewards akin to climbing Mount Everest.

Yes, those who did it the old fashion way without modern tools deserve to be rewarded - a plaque that states their achievement where they are always remembered, with their names high up above the rest.

But Mount Everest is still there, and still a formidable challenge - even with modern tools. Granted it is 'alot easier' with modern tools, but completing the challenge itself is still a feat, where difficulty is pretty much retained in spirit. They equally deserve their names on that plaque, even if it is much lower on the list.

Of course, we never know what future holds.
Back in the day..

When there were patch notes they were written with humour and I always looked forward to reading them. Who was writing them and can they be amusing again?

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