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Sorry you feel this way, We use a few different recruitment Technics, to each there own. We offer a chance to anyone who wants to step up to the plate.

Best of luck to you ^_^
Hey bud, I'm the GM of <Dead Mans Party> on Alexstrasza/Terokkar. We're recruiting dps(Not sure if youre interested in filling that role). We're currently raiding heroic every week(just started last week).

If you want to see a little more of what we're about, a guildie of ours made a rap for current members of our team. It's hilarious and all in good fun. It shows our sense of humor. We are a family. We ENJOY raiding together, truly. We enjoy each others company and are excited when we ALL meet up for those raid nights and play together. Whether we wipe some, clear content, we're having fun. I hope you consider us.

We raid every tuesday/thursday 7:30-10 CST

Here is the youtube video link
Greetings, Grandadd! I am probably a bit late to the party at this point, and you likely have found yourself a guild, but I'm going to post on the off-chance that you haven't found that place.

I'm the GM for Monkey Patrol (long story), and we are currently recruiting just about anyone. Based on your post, I think you would fit well with our band of misfits. We raid twice a week (Wednesday and Sunday, 7 P.M. CT to be specific), and are pushing into Heroic Antorus (three bosses in thus far). I see that you are new to tanking, and that's totally ok. We prefer people play whatever roll they find the most comfortable/fun to them. If you ever want to improve on tanking, I happen to actually really enjoy and play a lot of Blood tank whenever I tank, and can give pointers.

In other news...well, we are super casual and laid-back. We have a Discord that we banter on all the time, and we like to do all sorts of other stuff in between our raid days. We also have a zero-tolerance rule for drama, which is pretty much the only rule we actually have established. So, if you're interested, my battletag is Chaos#1649!

Anywho, I hope to hear from you, but as I said I am late to the party, so if you've found that place, I hope it treats you well!

Love the post and the name (though the irony there depending on how you read the name vs the post...) Not sure if you're still looking or what nights and if you'd consider horde...but that said, we are currently rebuilding and recruiting 21+ adult raiders on Bleeding Hollow here at Broken. We run Tue/Thur nights 9:30 PM EST - Midnight. The full spam if you want to read more is located over here:

We are looking for a tank, which is where you could come in! We were 5/11M on our previous server and are looking to get back to it by bringing in new members who enjoy our brand of raiding. I'd be happy to chat more if you have any questions, my btag is Bloodrooted#1329 and will be sending you a friend request. Hope to talk soon, but if you've already found a place, hope it works out great.

Hi Grandadd, I don't think we're the place for you (though I think we would be a good fit personality and scheduling-wise) only because we're already tank heavy, but I just wanted to tell you that I just got a funny look at work for how hard I laughed about the copy pasta. I, like Akaitaka above, have certainly done my fair share of copy paste (with, of course, appropriate edits for the person posting, because if the post doesn't sound like a person who would match our times/needs/guild culture, I'm not going to waste their time) but the drive-by spam posts with no reading comprehension are SO prevalent that I nearly snorted my coffee.

Thanks, and best of luck to you in finding the right spot. (And Akaitaka, if I ever run screaming from guild leadership, I'm coming to join your guild, you guys sound like my kind of people.) If you find yourself wanting to fill a different raid role, reach out to me, I'd love to tell you more about why I love my guild.

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