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Guild Recruitment
(H) Broken - now on Bleeding Hollow (US) is rebuilding & recruiting for core spots for Antorus & beyond.

Top Reasons that Broken might be for you.
1) 21+ adult guild
2) Wildly inappropriate "NC-17" Discord & Guild banter.
3) We limit breaks in raids to push the pace and get things done.
4) We understand, real life is important and comes first.
5) Never too satisfied, never too negative.
6) Longevity - the guild has been active since BC.

Did we get your attention? GOOD! Now to the details:

Broken was 5/11 M Antorus on Uldaman before our move - raiding 2 nights a week: Tuesday & Thursday 9:30PM-12:00AM EST. LF Tanks and all other spots to make the roster stronger than even, including small groups and other active guild members for m+ dungeons and off-night raids. We will need to farm some heroic as we recruit up and some of our other members transfer over, with getting back to mythics preferred.

Our goal is to blend a mixture of fun and progression, while staying efficient with our limited raid schedule of 2 nights. The guild is comprised of mostly adults 21+, with loads of game and real-life experience, who enjoy working together as a team to down new bosses and make fun of each other along the way. Overall, we are a guild comprised of progression minded raiders who also have real life commitments, that are not content to just farm a raid on heroic endlessly. We were sad to have to leave our old home, but the server population issue on Uldaman is dire. With our move, it's opened up some spots in the roster to have new members fill. We were formerly utilizing RCLootCouncil, but with the upcoming change to loot by Blizz and our move to a new server: we’re going to personal loot, might as well get used to it now. If Blizz backtracks, we may revisit this policy change.

Expected add-ons: DBM or BigWigs, GTFO, a meter of some kind (Details, Skada or Recount), other recommended add ons are Weak Auras and Angry Assignments.

Go to https://discord.gg/Cd8mSqC for text recruitment chat and application or add B-Tag Bloodrooted#1329, Ishin#1586, Mavros#1383, or bigitup#1602 and we can answer any questions you may have!
Bump for good ppl
Still looking for more
Can use more range dps among others
Need more ppl
We would love to have groups of friends 21+ join up as well!
b u m p
Still looking for more new adult members and raiders! Bring your friends and the cookies, we could use a lock.

Are you an experienced tank, dps or heals? 21+ and have a sense of humor? We're looking for ya.

Looking for some strong DPS who know how to stay alive to blow up some meters.

Definitely can use some more dps
Could use a big beefy experienced tank to stand there and get punched in the face by raid and dungeon bosses while smiling.

Looking for a tank and some good dps
Mages, Boomies, Locks or MM? Come get some!

still looking
WATTUP DEEPS? Wanna get at it? Might still need a tank if you're beefcake enough!

What are you guys currently in need of most?
05/23/2018 05:31 AMPosted by Agoko
What are you guys currently in need of most?

RDPS....except maybe shadow priest.

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