To The Rescue Bugged

Bug Report
I am doing "To The Rescue" In Ashenvale -- and I get as far as the first four bowmen on Brutusk -- and he just stops and stands there and the bowmen just stand there.

And now, while trying to Google a solution, my Kodo died. And there is no Exit Vehicle Button!!!

My Orc Pilot just died now, too ...

Just tried the Character Unstuck Option. Neither the Hearthstone nor teleporting to the nearest Graveyard worked. "You can't do that right now."

This is blinking ridiculous. How can a Company as rich as Blizzard have so many awful quality problems???

Gawd, where's Triple AAA when you need them?
Okay, I waited till those bowmen despawned, then relogged and tried again. Got thru' this time. ... But jeeze. >.<
lmao it's still bugged. gg blizz.
Since 2010.

Its an Epic Bug. And yes, its a necro, but I just tested it on a toon Im levelling and it is indeed still bugged.

Nine years later. It has to be deliberate.

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