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Shadows of Ashenvale is an RP-PvP event that is part one of the Flames of War series: Before the Storm. Alongside the Siege of Tirisfal, Shadows of Ashenvale’s goal is to open into the story of Battle for Azeroth. War is inevitable, now that the Horde and the Alliance have taken up an arms race with one another. Horrific deeds have been committed, and the faction war has come to a head; as both sides come out for blood on their respective claims.

Before the Storm is a two part event chain, split into two events; the Shadows of Ashenvale, which is from June 3rd to June 9th, and the Siege of Tirisfal, which is from June 17th to June 23rd.

You can find the forum post for the Siege of Tirisfal here:

Shadows of Ashenvale

In the wake of the Legion’s defeat, the drums of War thunder once again. In the ancient forest of Ashenvale, conflict has begin to rise. Rumors of a grand army being formed by the Warchief, Sylvanas Windrunner, has reached the ears of the Sentinel Army; stirring together the need to protect their lands from Horde aggression, just as they had with Garrosh Hellscream so many years ago.

In addition, the death of a Highmountain diplomat and his party, alongside border tensions on the rise, has caused the conditions of the forest to ultimately flare up. While the Sentinels move back to Darnassus to gather together a grand fleet to protect Night elven interests; the Alliance must cover their elven allies’ backs, as rising Horde ambition clashes with Night elven defenses; leading to conflict that neither side knows who shot first. Regardless of it, the Shadows of Ashenvale rise.

Shadows of Ashenvale takes place in the namesake, Ashenvale, and will be fought over a series of RP and PvP battles that will engage the players in an ongoing narrative across the forest. Spurred on by rising tension, conflict will arise within the forest in the aftermath of a Highmountain Emissary’s death, alongside several Shal’dorei emissaries having fallen as well.

The first two posts are the call to arms for the Alliance and Horde respectively. The third and fourth post will detail event times, details, location, etc, as well as any OOC details needed to be known.

If you are interested in attending, please contact one of the coordinators listed in the fourth post.

A missive has been sent to those loyal to the cause of the Alliance; bearing the insignia of the Kaldorei people, alongside that of the Grand Alliance.


We send this letter in the hope it arrives with the utmost haste to your hands. Troubling reports of highly suspect behaviour of the Horde suggest they are preparing for a large assault upon our ancient forests once again.

For millennia untold, Ashenvale has been our home; if the Horde is to succeed in another attempt to destroy it with their greed for Nature's limited bounty, we fear for the future. Increased deforestation and aggression threatens the lives of not only the inhabitants of Ashenvale but the forest itself.

A moon ago, an incoming threat on the border to the Barrens was neutralized. An armed tauren approached and would not cease in his harassing endeavour, encroaching upon our land and with clear intent to assail our sentinels; we had no choice but to ensure that he would not cross our border through the use of lethal force. Following his death, it was discovered that he was an ambassador from the Highmountain Tribe, who have only recently joined the Horde’s numbers. Despite this, we are without doubt that he was intent on doing harm in Ashenvale.

Scouts have reported a significant surge in activity at the Warsong Lumber Camp, which up until recently had remained dormant. The Horde appear to be building up supplies for a large scale attack and in the process are encroaching further upon sacred Kaldorei lands. During the reign of Warchief Hellscream, they claimed large swaths of the Forest we have yet to rip from their hands, and we fear they intend to expand those claims further under Warchief Windrunner.

The Sentinel Army is spread too thin since the battle against the Legion to combat this uprising of Horde forces on it’s own, with the High Priestess calling them back to Teldrassil to re-assess our numbers and address deployment; the defenses of Ashenvale are at their weakest point. We humbly request the aid of any who can head our urgent call, lest the Horde’s building numbers end with aggression on a front we may not be able to hold alone.

Bandu thoribas!
Blood has been drawn.

We know much of blood. For we are the Horde. We have all solemnly sworn an oath to the Horde, giving our blood and loyalty freely to the Warchief. We are bond by blood, brothers and sisters in this ad hoc family.

At the Blood Maul, blood spilled there in battle against the Alliance has not sated this conflict. Thus, once more, the flames of war have kindling tossed upon them - this inferno lashing out; wild, uncontained, combusting. Coming from the forests of Ashenvale and carrying with it the wax-brand of the Horde's insignia to all those whom have so solemnly sworn to it.


Horde Emissary, Halian Highmountain, lays dead at the end of the Sentinel Army's glaives.

The Warchief will not abide this. The Horde will not abide this. We will not abide this.

The Alliance dares to mocks us, to slay not only our honored guest and ally, but to slay Halian in OUR forests close to OUR capital city. They transgress their boundaries, and they lie of his aggression as his blood soaks into the very earth. We will not abide this.

The history of the present High Priestess of the Kaldorei and her master the King of Stormwind is but now a history of repeated injuries and insults to the Horde's honor and sovereignty. Such actions all having the direct objective of the establishment of violence and tyranny over the Horde and its peoples. We will not abide this.

All those who bear the Horde’s arms are urged to report to the respective commanders below and station in Orgrimmar - this will be the army that punishes the Alliance for their crimes. This will be the army that razes down what they would claim of Ashenvale. This will be the army that spills the blood of five for every drop of Halian’s that the soil has claimed. This will be the army that will forevermore make these Alliance mutts think twice on ever again aggressing upon our people. We will not abide this.

The Crimson Vanguard will collect this Host of Retribution, bear our Banner, and make way to Warsong Hold within the height of summer. This is the demand of our Warchief and our Horde that shall be carried to the footstep of the Alliance: WE WILL NOT ABIDE THIS.

To arms!
Lok'tar ogar!
Victory or death!

For Halian!

*Archon Telchis Truefeather
*Lady Seleste Felsorrow
*Doctor Ivan Sibelius Felsorrow
*Ranger-Captain Erilihn Autumnsong
*Warlord Surtruk Firehands
*Captain Thanidiel Highdawn
*Warmaster Vaknosh Blackwolf

Blood for blood!
Dates: June 3rd-9th

June 3rd, Gathering
8 pm Server (Organizing begins at 7:00 pm server)

The rising border tensions call into league the Alliance and Horde to answer the call. The Horde reports to Warsong Lumber Camp,, the home of the Warsong Clan, to establish a perimeter, while the Alliance reports to Astranaar to ensure Night Elven interests are not compromised as the Sentinels of Ashenvale withdraw to Teldrassil.

June 4th, Silverwind Incident
8 pm Server (Organizing begins at 7:00 pm server)

Panic erupts as word reaches both sides, fighting has broken out at Silverwind Refuge, a former Night Elven lodge and currently, a Horde labor camp. Both sides point fingers at one another, with the Horde claiming the Silverwing Sentinels fired first, while the Sentinels claim that the Warsong Clan attacked their forward post.

Regardless of who shot first, battle has been joined within the ancient forest home of the Kaldorei.

June 5th, Raynewood v Splintertree
8 pm Server (Organizing begins at 7:00 pm server)

In the aftermath of Silverwind Refuge, conflict is now inevitable. The tensions have grown too high to talk the Warsong or the Silverwing Sentinels down from fighting one another; and they've come to blows within the passes that lie between Splintertree Post and Raynewood Retreat.

June 6th, Rest Day

Both factions return to their home base to coordinate and recover from the previous bouts.

June 7th, Contestation of Satyrnaar (d20)
8:00 pm server(Organizing begins at 7:00 pm server)

A key strategic point lays in the hands of the Saytrs of Saytrnaar. For the Alliance, it is a road to sever the connecting route to Splintertree and the Warsong Camp, for the Horde, it is a key point of expansion to dominate over Eastern Ashenvale entirely; to eventually snuff out Forest Song.

Both factions converge, but the Saytrs themselves will not go down quietly.

June 8th, Mor’shan Ambush (PvP)
8:00 pm server(Organizing begins at 7:00 pm server)

Drawing the Alliance forth, the Horde has sprung a trap on the Alliance forces in the aftermath of their relentless pursuit of the Warsong Camp. Drawing them to the fields near the Barrow Dens, the Horde strikes to remove Alliance presence from their section of the Forest.

June 9th, Aftermath

8:00 pm server(Organizing begins at 7:00 pm server)

The fighting has ended in any semblance of coordinated assault. Both sides have now devolved into roaming warbands, as well as entrenching themselves in their respective bases to wait out the arrival of their relief and reinforcements.


How will you be handling sharding?

Since mid-way through Legion, sharding no longer affects the old world. As the events will all be held in Ashenvale, this will not be an issue!

How will the battles be fought?

Best of five matches per group, which will all be tallied together to give the victor for the day. There will also be several large ‘mash’ battles, which is a no-rules slugfest. These will not be counted, however.

Rules in Battles?

No rezzing/battle rezzing. No corpse runs. Clean fights, if anyone is caught rezzing or otherwise, they will be asked to leave the event. We will have people monitoring for it per group. Please note, TANK SPECS ARE BANNED, we will be checking this.

The only legendary banned is the Shroud of Archbishop Benedictus for priests.

Can I help coordinate?

If you are interested in becoming a coordinator for your faction, please inquire on the Flames of War discord with one of the pre-existing coordinators. We are currently not accepting more coordinators through any other means.

Is there a planning and communication medium?

Indeed, there is! We have a discord server up and running for those who wish to participate to coordinate with other guild leaders in. If you would like the link to the server, simply contact one of our coordinators.

Is this lore friendly?

It is. Fighting has been justified by the continued tension between the Silverwing Sentinels and the Warsong Clan, as well as the death of the Highmountain Emissary, whose corpse can actually be found just outside of the Mor'shan Ramparts.

Guilds must sign up before the event chain begins if they wish to be included. We'll be organizing a fair amount of things around this sort of attendance, and last minute joiners may find themselves not accommodated to as well as others.

Main Contacts:

Berenal (Alliance)
Aleyina (Alliance)
Kerdic (Alliance)
Maxen (Alliance)
Tangiers (Alliance)
Fernfeather (Alliance)
Wisp (Alliance)

Seleste (Horde)
Sibelius (Horde)
Telchis (Horde)
Xalodia (Horde)
Erilihn (Horde)
Surtruk (Horde)
Thanidiel (Horde)
Vaknosh (Horde)

Guilds in Attendance:

If you don't see your guild here and you want to be listed, please contact one of our coordinators.


<The Blades of Greymane>
<The First Regiment>
<The League of Lordaeron>
<Song of Nightfall>
<The Citrine Eagle>
<The Crescent Glaive>
<Alliance of Arathor>
<The Order of the Beast>
<Ashborne Accord>
<Dwarven Vanguard>
<The Unbroken>
<Remnant of Lordaeron>
<Phantom Legion>
<Kings Foreign Legion>
<Skullrose Company>


<The Sunguard>
<The Hand of Vengeance>
<First Light>
<The Sunsworn>
<Dominion of the Sun>
<The Kor'Kron Legion>
<Thunderroar Warband>
<Ashes of Al'ar>
<Howling Void>
<The Unseen>
Here we go again!
Can't wait! This time I actually know when you guys are starting so expect this boar boy to be there.
Are Bramot and I still banned
I would suggest banning banners and other toys that are thrown down because they can sometimes contribute to lag. Noticed that a lot in the first FoW.

Aside from that? Woo.
This should be interesting!

Light save the Queen!
Death to the Horde.
If I have any of those days off from work, I will be in attendance. So stoked.
So many ears to collect, not nearly enough time.
05/08/2018 09:55 PMPosted by Dommius
I would suggest banning banners and other toys that are thrown down because they can sometimes contribute to lag. Noticed that a lot in the first FoW.

Aside from that? Woo.

While toys do contribute to a drop in FPS, the lag issues still remain primarily in conflict with the number of players clashing in a given area.

40v40 had 3-5+ sec input times, an issue that Warcraft servers did not have in the past. Even 20v20 teams suffer some delay input, but we've found it to be manageable in the instance of Feralas.

It is everyone's hope that with the focus of BfA being on World PvP, that this issue will be tackled as FoW hosts events into the new expansion.
Hmmm...lotsa shadows mang.
I'm very excited to take part in this next campaign!
Oh, this looks great.
The Order of the Beast is totally in for this one!
Demon or no demon, we'll cut the Horde down all the same.

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