[H] Broken - Now on Bleeding Hollow - LFM

Bleeding Hollow
(H) Broken - now on Bleeding Hollow (US) is rebuilding & recruiting for core spots for Antorus & beyond.

Top Reasons that Broken might be for you.
1) 21+ adult guild
2) Wildly inappropriate "NC-17" Discord & Guild banter.
3) We limit breaks in raids to push the pace and get things done.
4) We understand, real life is important and comes first.
5) Never too satisfied, never too negative.
6) Longevity - the guild has been active since BC.

Did we get your attention? GOOD! Now to the details:

Broken is 6/11 M Antorus - raiding 2 nights a week: Tuesday & Thursday 9:30PM-12:00AM EST and due to popular demand, creating another group on Sunday & Monday nights! LF Tanks and all other spots to make the roster stronger than even, including small groups and other active guild members for m+ dungeons and off-night raids. Sun/Mon will need to farm some heroic as we recruit up for it and get strong for bfa. We are even starting to get more PVP in the guild and we welcome more!

Our goal is to blend a mixture of fun and progression, while staying efficient with our limited raid schedule of 2 nights. The guild is comprised of mostly adults 21+, with loads of game and real-life experience, who enjoy working together as a team to down new bosses and make fun of each other along the way. Overall, we are a guild comprised of progression minded raiders who also have real life commitments, that are not content to just farm a raid on heroic endlessly. We were sad to have to leave our old home, but the server population issue on Uldaman is dire. With our move, it's opened up some spots in the roster to have new members fill. We were formerly utilizing RCLootCouncil, but with the upcoming change to loot by Blizz and our move to a new server: we’re going to personal loot, might as well get used to it now. If Blizz backtracks, we may revisit this policy change.

Expected add-ons: DBM or BigWigs, GTFO, a meter of some kind (Details, Skada or Recount), other recommended add ons are Weak Auras and Angry Assignments.

Go to https://discord.gg/Cd8mSqC for text recruitment chat and application or add B-Tag Bloodrooted#1329, Ishin#1586, Mavros#1383, or bigitup#1602 and we can answer any questions you may have!
bumpity bump bump
I'm into it, for sure. Just getting back, currently w/o a guild. I'm new to tanking, currently 926 prot paladin, would love a guild to come up with and refine my class and role. 27 yr old, in a serious career, just looking to stay competitive in something outside work/life. Vulfen#11156

Thanks for the bnet add and the interest! I'm sure we'd be happy to have you join the team. Look forward to talking soon.

Still looking for more new members and raiders. Weekly panty raid @ Mavs house.

Hi there. I'm looking to come back to raiding semi-hardcore for BFA. I had to take a step back from mythic raiding due to irl conflicts.

I currently have a 110 pally, monk, and sham, but plan on also bringing a lock to max level for BFA. I'm pretty flexible with filling in roles as needed.
Good chatting earlier, look forward to getting you onboard!

Still looking for some more high powered RDPS and all other exceptional players. You know you want some Choccy Milke!

I just can't get these bloodstains out of my clownsuit! Need help and dps!

Could use a big beefy experienced tank to stand there and get punched in the face by raid and dungeon bosses while smiling.

Dance with the dead in my dreams...
we have females
Looking for new guild. I am already on bleeding hollow. 944 ilvl. I am going to be 25 in a couple of weeks so I should fit right in with the crowd. I am also on my last week of work for the summer so I will only be splitting my time between the gym and World of Warcraft until I go back to school full time in the fall. EST is 3 hours ahead of me but with my schedule being so open this summer I should have the time to get to know you guys and mash spell rotations together ;).
Are any mages alive? Come and talk to us, we'd love to see one in raid again!

Sent blood a btag request. I'm a 965 bm hunter that just xfered to bleeding hollow and am looking for a raiding guild.
If you are still looking for a exp. meat shield add me. Ipwnju#1104
Geared lock or a mage looking for a new home?
Now looking to start a second team with heroic on Sun/Mon nights 8:30pm EST - 11:30pm.

Hello, I'm a serious player that is just getting back into the game 924 Ret Pally. Looking to grow with a guild and do some serious, organized raiding.
926 Havoc DH with a few other 110’s that is interested! Nappa#1730

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